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  1. 2005 Coachmen 380D, diesel pusher, looking to replace the tires before next season. Currently running 275 80R 22.5's on 10-lug steel wheels with the fake wheelcovers. When I change the tires, I was considering replacing 4 of the wheels (front and outside rears) with forged aluminum wheels to save a little weight & upgrade the rig. Then a wild thought popped into my head...how about the 14" wide-base wheels & tires to replace the rear duals? I'm sure many of you have seen tractor-trailers on the road with the single wide rear wheels in place of the duals...I'm wondering if they would (a) work in an RV application and ( not look stupid. This coach does NOT have a tag axle, so we're talking factory configuration of 2 front wheels and 4 rear. Thoughts? Thanks Matt
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