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  1. Vehicle is titled as a personal use Recreational Vehicle. That is exactly how both of those establishments viewed it . If one is over 26,001 pounds then it is viewed as a commercial vehicle which required a DOT inspection. This is correct when talking about needing a non-CDL Class 'A' or 'B' because the DOTs' definition of a Commercial Vehicle is anything over 26,001 pounds. I will probably use the dealer the 3rd year for our inspection sticker. I am also in the process of studying Chapter 14 of the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook for my Class 'A'. This is what the DMV office told me was all I needed to study. Hoping they are correct.
  2. Wayne, This happened at a Speedo in Cedar Hill TX off of I20 and at Tilwell Car Care in Ft Worth TX off of I30 and Alta Mere drive.
  3. Where does one go to get regular inspection sticker? Both places seemed to only see I was over26, 001 lbs and argued I only get a commercial inspection sticker.
  4. I will proceed on Monday and pickup the necessary study material/handbook and move on to the Class 'A' non-CDL as Plano-Cat opted for and join the minority. I truly did not want to have to take a driving test. Oh well .. My rig is 35,800 pounds combined weight and I do not tow. So do I get a CDL Class 'A' or a non-CDL Class 'A' if I want to tow? Also, what type of safety sticker does one have for Class 'A' over 26,001? I was given, twice in Texas, the Commercial Safety Inspection sticker. Thanks all
  5. Plano Cat; Thank you for the apology .. and further information. The movie Fargo was a great movie. I sent an email requesting written clarification as there appears to be a contradiction. The link above you provided does clear it up, but why would the Commercial Drivers Handbook state we're exempt? Anyways, I also sent it to the Police Department who handles Commercial DOT infractions etc.. If I need the license, I guess I will have to study the book again. I passed the Class 'A' written test once a long time ago, but could not find a truck to take my test back then. I understand now, an adjacent city has a loaner truck for that purpose, but now I would just use my RV for the driving test. I will update with the DPS written response.
  6. TButler, I want to say thank you very much for a very helpful post it is certainly appreciated. For some of us newbies entering the Class 'A' world, not to mention newbie to RVing period, we come here seeking advice, clarification and some mentoring if at all possible. Thank you again. For those others .. it eludes me as to why some posters feel the need to use, "You live in Texas" and "End of story". Simply post your knowledge, experiences and of course humor is always appreciated, leaving out the snippets. Everyone doesn't have 20-30 years experience .. but we are certainly working on it! To: Plano Cat ... My confusion .. RV purchased out-of-state and brought home to Texas. The out-of-state RV dealer stated a CDL was not required in Texas (he was a former Texas resident) and nothing was mentioned regarding a non-CDL license. The very verbiage of a non-CDL license, to me, is indicative of a normal car license (Class 'C'). The DPS handbook for CDL, under 'Prologue', page IV paragraph titled, "Who is exempt from a CDL? (Certification form CDL-2required)" reads ... 4. A recreational vehicle that is driven for personal use! The next section, "Different Classes of Commercial Driver License" reflects, ... CLASS B: Any single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, any one of those vehicles towing a vehicle that does not exceed 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating, and any vehicle designed to transport 24passengers or more, including the driver; and aClass B license will be restricted to operating buses under 26,001 pounds GVWR if the skills test is taken in a bus with a GVWR of less than26,001 pounds; and ... No where do I see a reference for "non-CDL Class B licensing" within the Texas DPS Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook .. thus my confusion! I agree with you regarding the insurance statement and licensing issues. Update (as of 8/23/2013 at 12:15PM): I wanted to share with those interessted the following information: I called Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) this afternoon and spoke with a Texas DPS Officer. He stated, "One does NOT require a CDL or any other driving license classification (other than a Class 'C') if one drives a Recreational Vehicle for pleasure/personal use and it's not towing/hauling anything or using it for a business or other commercial purpose(s)". Based upon this information, I then contacted my RV insurance company and they stated, "as long as I am licensed in accordance to the laws of my state (DPS states that I am with a class 'C') of residency and hold the proper insurance coverages both my Texas Class 'C' and current insurance coverages are legal and valid wherever I travel (USA). I am sure if I travel outside those borders, such as Mexico or Canada ... additional insurance 'may' be required. Regardless of the type of state license/classification one holds, I do agree the Texas DPS Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook, or the one for your state of residency, contains information that is very valuable and can help educate RV drivers to some aspects of their rigs. One thing comes to mind, air brake inspection. Thank you one and all for the feedback and information. I've learned a lot today.
  7. Now I am really confused .. after having our 2001 Monaco Windsor 40 foot diesel pusher for one year we just now learn this? We were told by many we did not require, in Texas, a CDL license! We do not tow anything with our pleasure RV nor do we ever have more than 4 total people inside while driving. I guess I will have to call tomorrow to confirm. Dang .. All of the examples in the link, provided above, reflects an RV above 26,001 pounds and 'towing' a vehicle. Wondering if that is the reason why or if we were told incorrectly and I've been lucky not to receive a traffic ticket. Yikes ....
  8. We purchased a year ago a 2001 Monaco Windsor 40-foot diesel pusher with two slideouts. The sofa bed sits on the forward slideout. The sofa is extremely comfortable to sit and I think the previous owner had it recovered in some really soft light tan leather. However, the bed portion sags in the middle with two large adult boys on it. I am wondering if it's just a cheap sofa with a very old mattress or is the whole thing junk. If it's just the mattress, I don't know how to find a mattress that would work in the sofa. I guess, I could check to see if I can find a manufacturer label on it. If I decide to replace the whole thing with a more expensive plush sofa with a comfortable mattress, couldn't I just use a nice sofa bed couch in the RV? If so, how does it mount to the floor of the slide-out? I am assuming once I let out the slide, perhaps the mounting bolts will be visible underneath the slideout. We're very new at this. I am already looking at replacing the tires and will be using the Michelin FMCA program for 6 new tires. Also considering replacing the batteries as we are not sure when they were manufactured. They are Trojans. Any and all help appreciated. We are in the Grand Prairie/Arlington, Texas area.
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