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  1. I had to drop the tank on my RexAir with Ford chassis 3 different times. Twice to replace the rubber hose that runs to the generator (I should have replaced with steel line the first time), and once to replace the fuel pump. The fuel pump replacement came within 10 miles of a fill-up and the shop pumped out 55 gallons into a barrel and dropped the tank with 15 or so gallons remaining. Turned out the fuel pump wasn't bad, it was a coil but that's a whole other story. The joys of "on the road" repairs with unknown shops!
  2. Do you really think the law in Arkansas limits motorhomes to 40' or is that a typo?
  3. You might want to consider Big Bend National Park. You could stay in the Park or Alpine, Marfa, or Fort Davis, Texas with day a day trip to the McDonald Observatory. These places could easily be incorporated into your planned journey. IMHO Big Bend National Park is on the must see list of The USA.
  4. Mark: Thank you for sharing your frustrating repair journey to conclusion. I thought I had the worst luck with mechanical failures, but you have raised the bar. Wishing you many years of safe and trouble free travels. You have earned it.
  5. I have stopped recommending insurance companies until AFTER I have experienced a couple of renewal premiums. It seems like low ball initial premiums give way to much higher renewal premiums and the reward for customer loyalty is you get to pay those higher costs upon renewal. Thank you for renewing with us, sucker! Home insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, it's all the same - once they have you down, they step on your neck and your wallet. FWIW, I added the motorhome to my automobile policy with higher limits for about 1/2 of what a separate motorhome policy was quoted. Your mileage may vary.
  6. X2. Use the RVgeeks.com updated video and build one. I built it back in May and it works like a champ! Harbor freight has all that is needed. Total cost ~$15.00. I don't leave home without it! Thank You RVgeeks for another very informative youtube video. link to original video link to modified inflation tool Be sure and watch both and you will become a tire inflation expert!!
  7. X2 on huffypuff solution. High spot on starter? Carry a hammer with you and try the old "whackadoo" on the starter the next time it acts up.
  8. If you drove the North Shore that would explain the new issues. Minnesota should be embarrassed by the condition of their premier scenic route Hwy 61. The worst road we encountered in a 3200 mile trip. I had recommended the drive to a fellow RVer. Never again. I have to make that beautiful drive into Canada and back every year, but don't know how much of that road my coach and boat trailer can endure. You would think that road would be a high priority. Makes you wonder if MN state officials ever make that trip! Hope you find the gremlins in your dashboard. Has to be very frustrating but it sure sounds like you have the creativity and perseverance to win the battles of all problems motorhome.
  9. I would have paid the agreed upon price of $120. Anything over that, I would not feel obligated to pay. Had you not asked before hand, that would be your problem. Anything over what was agreed upon would be his problem.
  10. Here's my .02 cents. If you have the time, turn it into a Texas vacation and have Ernie Ekberg do it. It will be done correctly at a fair price and be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come. I know getting a booking date requires a considerable wait, but it is worth it. We replaced carpet with carpet and could not be more pleased with the job Ernie did. His wood floors are a work of art. There is a reason he is so booked into the future. It is because he is the best and worth waiting for! If I didn't know that he has a beautifully renovated Blue Bird, I would have thought that he sleeps in a Holiday Inn every night! He is a true Master Craftsman who does every job as if it were his own coach. Planocat
  11. The same thing annoyed me until I resolved the issue by adding an l.e.d. to the switch in the bathroom. It glowed dimly all the time and became bright when the switch was activated. That solved the issue. If I remember correctly, the switch in the galley did the same at the control panel .......glowed "water pump" until it was turned on at which time it became bright. My current switches are not momentary switches. They are on/off rocker switches and can be visually observed as to the position they are in. Ideally, I would like a switch in the galley..... Instead Newmar put one in the overhead control panel at the entry and, of course, in the bathroom. It is a low priority change that I may make. I may add an l.e.d. to the dash that would tell me one of the switches is on. Anyhow, there is a solution for your problem as Herman stated. Head to Radio Shack and pick up an L.E.D. and pull the switch, break out the test light and end your frustration. It is worth the effort to eliminate the little annoyances in life.
  12. Once you get to Duluth, have you thought about driving north on hwy 61 along the shore of Lake Superior? Very nice drive and an outstanding city/Rv park in Grand Marais MN. You can cross the Canadian border into Thunder Bay, spend a day or two and visit Kakabeka Falls ( a short drive from Thunder Bay ) and then go around the top of Lake Superior and drop down through the UP of Michigan. This route would surely get my vote over your original proposal..... But that's just my opinion and it's overpriced at .02 cents! Enjoy your trip and travel safely.
  13. X3 on The Hartford. I've had hail claims on both the cars and the house in the last 2 years and The Hartford was very fair. I just added the motorhome with The Hartford as Progressive wanted yet another very substantial increase and I finally said enough is enough. In shopping the MH I found Progressive had become much higher than FMCA, Good Sam, and The Hartford through AARP. So, maybe Geico has done you a favor by getting you to shop around. Hope it works to your advantage.
  14. Rich: Sure would be nice to share the name/location of such a competent Cummins repair facility. Don't know where you are located.
  15. planocat

    K & N Air Filters

    IMHO, and I have used K&N filters in the past, it's snake oil. Can't see using anything the engine manufacturers advise against using. Maybe great in racing engines that are frequently rebuilt, but I don't believe they should be used in engines where longevity is a major concern. Again, to each his own. Give me OEM or Wix and I'll forgo the performance increase....if there is one.
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