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  1. The conversion process involves resetting the winegard antenna controller for the LG Dish 100 antenna which I did. I have a Dish receiver but the antenna must lock on to a satellite before a Dish receiver is able to use it to contact the network.
  2. Purchased the conversion kit from Winegard for conversion of Travlr antenna from directv to dish and installed it. Also removed the directv power inserter from the coax feed. I searched for a splitter in the coax feed but could not find one. The antenna now goes through the search process but fails to lock onto a satellite. Can anyone tell me if there is something else I need to do or what is the likely problem? Thanks.
  3. Wow! Instant on target guidance. Thanks much. I appreciate it.
  4. I have a 2008 Tiffin Phaeton with the Cummins ISC 360 HP engine. As I was approaching my present destination, a "check engine, coolant warning" amber light came on. It went on and off as I traveled the last 10 miles or so to my destination. On checking the coolant levels after the engine had cooled, I found that the "surge" tank was filled to the proper level between min and max. Also, while the warning light was coming on the temperature gauge and the oil pressure gauge remained at normal levels. A couple of years ago, I had the cooling system flushed and refreshed at a freightliner service facility. Any ideas about why I am getting these warning lights will be appreciated.
  5. I should have known . After last post, I checked Amazon and found the 1/2 inch hex key adapted for use with sockets. Whole set for $15. Will have it Monday. Thanks anyway for any posts.
  6. I am having trouble removing the anode. It is not the usual one that you use a 1 1/16 socket to remove. The anode has a female hex key socket that appears to be 1/2 inch. I have looked all over and cannot find any hex key larger that 3/8. Anyone know anything about this type of socket?
  7. I have low water pressure from the hot water feed but normal pressure for cold water in my 2008 Phaeton. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks for the help. Appreciate it. Will try to get it into a service shop.
  9. I unplugged shore power and the appliances/outlets remained on, so it is not fuse, as you suggested. Where does that leave me?
  10. It was while I was running the generator that I discovered that electricity was available for the ac, etc.. When I connected to shore power and turned off the generator, there was no problem in transferring the power. I talked to a technician at a Tiffin dealership and he suggested there is a fuse on a line from the inverter to the batteries that may have blown, but I could not find what he was talking about.
  11. It took awhile for me to figure out that both the generator and shore power are working. I have ac and all the other main electrical apps like microwave. I tried re-setting the circuit breakers for the inverter when you suggested it earlier, but it did not help. It is probably related that I had an electrical "incident" that preceded the problem. Yesterday morning I noticed the inverter was inverting and checked the shore power. The 50 amp plug was burned around the white lead and connection. I replaced the plug and determined that electricity was coming from the shore source since I was able to use the ac but the inverter was still saying that it was inverting and it was not charging the batteries.
  12. The inverter is a Xantrex RC/GS RC7. The circuits fed by the inverter work but I assume this comes from the batteries. The status display says "inverting" and the light on the unit is solid green, indicating inverting. There is a circuit breaker button (black with small white center button) but I can't determine its status. Pushing on it doesn't have any effect and there doesn't seem to be an "in or engaged" status that I can detect.
  13. My inverter is not charging my house batteries, four agm. My solar does some charging but I am in place where it is cloudy most of the day. Until I can get the inverter serviced, replaced, can I use an external car battery charger to supplement the solar charging. If yes, which battery terminals do I connect to, the first and last in the array?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. The problem is more precisely "latching," WhiteEagle. The door will lock if you can get it to latch. I will try your suggestions.
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