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  1. Looking for recommendations for nice park around downtown KC
  2. Thanks He did unhook the battery till we leave and he will have it check out Thanks for all yalls help
  3. That's about all I have turn the key to on position buzzer goes off, turn key off buzz comes on along with the dash lights
  4. Yes I am stumped and need some direction. Friend of mine is parked next to us and his dash lights and buzzer will not go off even with the key out. What do we start looking for?
  5. Has anyone used a Swivel Wheel trailer for a golf cart and blue ox combo. Thanks JohnJill
  6. Looking for recommendations for best route to take coming out of Amarillo to Angle Fire NM. Angle Fire RV said there is one way in that is impassable for Rv. First time up the mountain. Thanks JohnJill
  7. Obedb Thanks that's why I'm here I've been looking in line the parks seem kinda blah. We're just looking for a quick trip over the July 4th holiday. Do you think farther up would be better, like Angle Fire?
  8. Looking for recommendations for park in Santa Fe NM.
  9. Thanks Aztec7fan, it had some of the same reviews as online. We usually go to the beach for spring break just looking for something different. May be a little early for Colorado but all the parks are open. And Wilebill308 and manholt sorry for the word RESORT didn't mean to throw you off. I do like to stay at higher end places for the amenities safety and for the kids. But I will let you know if I get to sweaty so you can come take care of that part me. Next time you see a question from me for guidance don't bother helping.
  10. Looking for Rv Resorts in Colorado Springs for a March Spring Break trip. Looking on line not a lot of good reviews. Thanks JohJohn
  11. Need advice on where to look. 2006 Itasca Meridian has a water leak on the righthand side under the floor above the propane tank. I have taken the peek a boo plate off and see what looks like to be the grey and black holding tanks. Last weekend when we pulled off the pad water was just pouring out of the top of the door, went and looked in the bathroom and floor was wet. Today I pulled off the pad did the same thing ... not as much water coming out and not on the floor. Did the same routine, back flushed the black tank and added water to the fresh water tank by city fill. The water that comes out looks and feels to be fresh water. How do you get to the lines and fittings to check for loose fitting or cracked line? Thanks John
  12. JohnJill


    Any recommendations on I26 from Pigeon Forge to Savannah Ga
  13. Looking for advise on a camp ground near Atlanta or College Park Ga Thanks John
  14. The motor and transmission worked like it should, was just curious since we were not on a actual mountain road like Colorado. Thanks for your knowledge.
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