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  1. Sorry, I don't know the part number, but I asked for help at the desk back where the doors are. I often see someone there staring at a computer, but after describing what I needed, he took me directly to the part. Gerald
  2. The shower in our 2002 Beaver has a made in Italy curved front and door. The door rollers ride along a bar at the top that has a track in it and a hard plastic insert for the rollers to roll on. Recently, the plastic insert developed a crack that caused the door to "bump" as it hit that crack. It took both hands to close the door after that. I called a Beaver parts supplier and was told the plastic strip which is about 3 feet long and about 1/4 inch wide would be about $350!!! I said no thanks of course and went straight to a nearby Home Depot. In the back of the store in the door department I found a similar strip for $1.97 that was close to the O/E part and with a sharp tool and 5 minutes I was able to modify it to work as the original. Gerald
  3. I need help determining the correct tire pressure for my mh. The tires are Michelin 12R22.5. The front of the coach weighs 12820 and the rear weighs 23220 ( I don't have the weight for each end of the axles ). The tires say single load 7590 at 120 psi and dual load 6780 at 120 psi. Does that mean that each front tire has approx. 6410 pounds on them and the rears have approx. 5800 pounds on them? The maximum pressure listed on the tires is 120 psi. Thanks for the help, I don't know how to calculate the correct pressure. Gerald
  4. I left it with water in the tank and there is water visible in the inlet filter. I tried running it with a faucet open, but no luck. I also removed the inlet line and poured a little water into it thru the inlet filter which held only a very small amount of water before it started overflowing. Maybe there is no water in the pump itself? How would I go about filling the pump? Gerald
  5. The motorhome (2002 Beaver) sat for about a month and now the water pump won't pump. There is water in the tank and the tank and water line is located above the pump. I disconnected the water line on the inlet side of the pump and water poured out thru the line from the tank. I then tilted the pump from vertical to horizontal and a small amount of water leaked out of the pump where there are several screws holding two parts together (I'm just guessing) the motor part and the pump mechanism. The pump motor runs, but makes an uncharacteristic noise, more of a high pitched whine. Any suggestions? It's a moShurflow model number 5503-4v15b636. Thanks for any help. Gerald
  6. aarrgg, electrical things make my head hurt. The control panel for the inverter/charger has a button to turn the inverter off, and in the on position it goes to standby mode while connected to shore power. Should it be in the off position when we are staying in one spot and connected to shore power? The charger has a separate button on and off and in the on position it charges only the house batts. It will go to the ready mode when the correct charge level is achieved. The two coach batts are not charged by the inverter/charger. I don't know what the solar panels do. Thanks for the help. Gerald
  7. I live in my 2002 Beaver full-time, but will soon make a trip to Colorado for a month, leaving the RV behind. I assume that I should leave the unit plugged in to shore power so the fridge doesn't switch over to gas, but should I disconnect the chassis and coach batteries? I know that the inverter will kick in if there is a power outage, but that rarely happens here, so should I turn off the inverter as well? I have solar panels on the roof that are supposed (I think ) to charge the batteries, but will that happen if the battery disconnects are off? Gerald
  8. I have a curved Cesana shower in my 2002 Beaver. The rollers on top roll over a strip of plastic that fits into a groove in the top of the shower. The plastic has broken apart and the shower door no longer moves properly. Does anyone have a suggestion? Gerald
  9. I have driven the million dollar highway many times in a 40' MH as well as a 38' fifth wheel pulled by a Freightliner truck. Take your time and use common sense. It is a beautiful drive and does have numerous pull outs. Gerald
  10. The dash air in my 2002 Beaver motorhome is not as cool as it should be. I guess that over the winter the "freon" leaked out. Assuming that the system is in good order, is it possible to recharge the system myself? I have never done that before on a car or anything else. Gerald
  11. I have a 2002 Beaver Marquis with a Cat C12 and Allison 6 speed tranny and am looking for a toad. I would prefer a pickup, but don't know if a small truck (Nissan Frontier) or a big truck (Ford 150 for ex) would be best. There is a weight difference of course, but the rv can handle either. My question is, what effect does either truck have on the fuel mileage of the RV? Gerald
  12. I am looking at buying a 2001 Nissan Frontier, manual tranny for a toad. The towing guide says it can be towed four down, but not to exceed 60 mph. Will it cause problems to tow it at 65 mph or so? Does anyone out there tow a Nissan Frontier? I will need to take it somewhere to get the necessary equipment installed (tow bar, lights, etc.). Gerald
  13. The ice maker when turned on, trips the breaker immediately. I tried it on other outlets with the same result. Gerald
  14. My U-Line stand alone ice maker is 12 years old and has stopped working. New ones are really pricey, so would it be worth spending money on this one to get it working again, or is it just too old ? It will cost $59 just to have a tech look at it and then add in the shop labor rate and cost of parts. Anyone have any experience with these units? Gerald
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