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  1. I hear you Jim and I'm sure its a mute point. I was at Indianapolis and heard the discussions. However, when you pull down the ballot online, the introduction is the ONLY place that defines Recreational Vehicle. It is NOT defined in the Incorporation or Charter. Being wide open like that , it is a definite NO from me.
  2. I sent an email to FMCA, and I quote: "Although the magazine article defines how we are using the term "recreational vehicle", it does not appear in anything "official". If voted yes, then anyone could interpret the term anyway they wish. Would suggest adding something in the Articles of incorporation. Under THIRD.... 1) To promote good fellowship and cooperation among all recreational vehicle owners. The term 'recreational vehicle' is defined as a self-contained wheeled vehicle that includes permanently installed cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities. To represent them ..... (continue with number 1 as printed on page 47 of the magazine" The article describes the intent of the change, however, it is NOT defined in any of the formal documents as shown in the magazine. Right now, voting in favor of the changes would allow ANY recreational vehicle to join. Allan
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