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  1. I have a 2010 Cummins and the clutch fan went bad. While taking it apart I found the bracket that mounts the pulley to the block was broken. Luckily it did not break off while driving with the fan engaged. I am looking for others that had this problem because it is a $1300.00 fix with me doing the repairs with an updated part. I feel that this a Freightliner problem and would like to get reimbursed from Freightliner but they are saying that there is no service bulletin for my coach. It only went up to 2007 and mine is a 2010.
  2. If you have to pry up your jacks the shafts are probably bent.
  3. Herman yes i am sure all doors were locked, i also go to every door and push in with my knee to make sure before i leave for a trip, i have also changed to all aluminum pins, i am down to one door that is opening. it just seams like a bad design the worst part is when you are going into a toll booth with side open doors the gas shocks push the door open and you have to stop and get out close the door before you get into the toll booth.
  4. I have a 2010 Discovery. The compartment doors are swing doors. The doors open while driving down the road even with the doors locked. I have checked and adjusted where the latch catches. I have changes the latches and still the doors open?? Any ideas on how to fix??
  5. Thanks to all that replied, Dometic was useless even their troubleshooting guide did not tell you anything. I found the adjustment after persistence to repair this myself because the motor ran fine then just stopped. There are 2 limit switches one for out and the other for in they are adjusted by 3mm Allen screws they are located on the underside of the roller tube on the motor end you do not even have to take off the end covers to access, they have a + and a - for each direction on the motor.
  6. I have talked to Dometic and they are suppose to be sending a trouble shooting guide. I have already talked to fleetwood and they sent installation guide but no troubleshooting.
  7. My door awning is only opening up 1/2 way. It used to travel so the arms were out straight. The motorhome is a 2010 Fleetwood Discovery with an A&E Oasis door awning. It has a Dometic weather pro controller. Is there any reset for this?
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