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  1. I turned off my battery disconnect switches when I was out of town for a week. Now the chassis switch works but the coach switch will not turn on to power the 12-volt circuits. I can find no circuitbreakers of fuses blown. All inverters and 120-volt circuits seem fine. Any ideas where to start looking?
  2. Here is update.... I finally had to engage the services of a competent RV tech - after considerable trouble shooting, we concluded the transfer switch box had some "phantom" problem , could not determine what it was but replaced the whole transfer switch box and that solved the original problem with the 120 circuit. As luck would have it , now I may have a problem with the inverter ! With shorepower and generator off and the inverter on , the circuit voltage goes crazy - up to 140 volts and then back down to 125 over a period of time. Is this a sign of failing inverter ???? don
  3. Brett, Thanks for the reply. I checked the refrig as you suggested, it does appear that this is a problem as I get no ohm readings. This element should be relatively easy to replace. However, regarding your question as to tripped breakers - I cant really find any "tripped " breakers or gfi. The only thing i can find is that one of the two 40 amp "breakers / switches " in the box where the shorepower comes into the coach does not seem to engage or trips out when shorepower is applied. I have unplugged and disconnected the 120v leads in the refrig, however, the problem with this circuit and switch continue. I would have thought disconnecting the 120 to refrig would alleviate the problem - no ?????? Thanks, Don
  4. I have an electrical problem in that when I plug into shore power or run the generator, I loose one of the circuits in the coach - the circuit that operates the refrig. All other circuits seem ok. When I am on the inverter only everything works fine. Also it seems now that the shore power is not charging the batteries. This problem developed at the last day of a week-long trip. Any ideas as to where I should look before I haul it to the shop? Don
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