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  1. To describe it ...When you turn the dash on in any vent mode you get water and cold air coming out of the bottom of the evaporator case. Today I checked the ac system on a FleetWood Bounder and only water comes out of the drain with no cold air.
  2. Thank you all for your input.....When I purchased the RV (used) there was no drain hose. My mechanic checked out the AC and works great in all the vents position/door operation. No AC Filters....The hole is about 7/16 Just concerned about the amount of cold air blowing out drain hole case. That is type of hose shown(jleamont)I am looking for but smaller size to fit. Thanks
  3. Hello ....I have a 2007 FleetWood Terra with a Workhorse Chassis and looking for a AC drain hose to fit the Evaporator casing. I contacted Workhorse dealer who said to contact FleetWood who said to contact DENSO. Got a parts diagrams from FleetWood but not showing a drain hose, The ac works great but the ac blows most of the cold air out of the evaporator case hole at the bottom. My mechanic said I need to get a drain hose but I tried several sites on web without any luck. i would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks DM
  4. Thanks for all your input...I called Fleetwood and they think it is the solenoid. When I used a jumper wire from Chassis Terminal Postive or Coach Battery Terminal to the Generator terminal that are located on the side of the Battery Control Center —Gas F73-1020 Generator will start and coach lights works. i know that I will not be able to use the auxiliary disconnect switch. Has anyone done this ?
  5. New batteries about 2 months old and 12 volt. No 12 voltage at Generator Generator will start with my car batteries jump start.
  6. Hello I need your help in troubleshooting my 2007 Fleetwood Terra Auxillary disconnect switch. Today I went to the RV storage to start my Generator to charge up house batteries after 2 months storage. The Generator did work and ran for one hour before I put in storage. Today I went to start Generator but no battery voltage. I installed new rocker auxiliary switch but still I do not hear the solenoid clicks. I jumped the solenoid with a piece of wire and heard the solenoid clicking. I checked for 12v power to solenoid terminal when switch is pushed but no power to solenoid.The switch does have power at the six pin terminals. I noticed that the control wire for the solenoid to operate in coming off the electronic control board. Also I checked all fuses on. board. Could I have a bad control board? Sorry for the long explanation but hoping somebody can help me troubleshoot this problem. Note: When I jump start the Generator with my car batteries the house batteries are charging and the12 volt is at the solenoid.This is driving me nuts😬 .
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