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  1. Thanks for all your input...I called Fleetwood and they think it is the solenoid. When I used a jumper wire from Chassis Terminal Postive or Coach Battery Terminal to the Generator terminal that are located on the side of the Battery Control Center —Gas F73-1020 Generator will start and coach lights works. i know that I will not be able to use the auxiliary disconnect switch. Has anyone done this ?
  2. New batteries about 2 months old and 12 volt. No 12 voltage at Generator Generator will start with my car batteries jump start.
  3. Hello I need your help in troubleshooting my 2007 Fleetwood Terra Auxillary disconnect switch. Today I went to the RV storage to start my Generator to charge up house batteries after 2 months storage. The Generator did work and ran for one hour before I put in storage. Today I went to start Generator but no battery voltage. I installed new rocker auxiliary switch but still I do not hear the solenoid clicks. I jumped the solenoid with a piece of wire and heard the solenoid clicking. I checked for 12v power to solenoid terminal when switch is pushed but no power to solenoid.The switch does have power at the six pin terminals. I noticed that the control wire for the solenoid to operate in coming off the electronic control board. Also I checked all fuses on. board. Could I have a bad control board? Sorry for the long explanation but hoping somebody can help me troubleshoot this problem. Note: When I jump start the Generator with my car batteries the house batteries are charging and the12 volt is at the solenoid.This is driving me nuts😬 .
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