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  1. I very much appreciate the feed back so far. I do have 3 valves per cylinder. I don't take off fast I watch the vacuum gage and try to keep it in the green as best I can. I changed to pressing the OD button as soon as I start the engine which keep every gear in a lower range, keeping engine RPMs higher and vacuum gage in green thru all gears. Even in flat Florida if I don't take it out of OD (by not pressing OD button) it will change between 4th & 5th gears at any slight incline. I'll try all the suggestions received so far. I'll look into the tuner devices. I can't believe that an intake and exhaust package wouldn't help mpg more than they advertise.
  2. I Installed a Vacum Gauge to help driving habits, Have driven seperate trips both in overdrive and also out of overdrive. Either way can only get 6.0 mpg. Would like to increase by at least 2 - 4 mpg if at all possible. Have been reviewing the Banks Power Pack System. Looks like a very good system but still only advertises up to 7% mpg increase. That might get me to 6.42 mph. Any Help or Suggestions would be appreciated
  3. The RVibrake2 system will work very well in the Jeep CJ7. It is design to be very versatile and comes with all equipment needed for a quick and easy installation. If a different stop bracket is needed for the unit the factory will supply it immediately. If you are at the Brooksville Fl SEA rally it will be demonstrated and available.
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