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  1. astmi, Go to ebay under Monaco parts. I bought a entrance handle lighted for $15.00. They also have handles and more. As for the removal of the front plastic covering good luck. Removed mine. Took 60 hrs and had to repaint. Just would not come off. Tried heat, cold, remover, scraper and nothing worked. Ended up with razor blade and repaint. Good luck. J Howell
  2. Herman, yes the fitting in front of your motor home is for towing. The tow driver can hook up air to air your motor home for towing. I have a 1999 Dynasty and it has a air chuck in the front left compartment for use to air up things like tires. It will go to 120 lbs if needed. I have never seen one with a regulator so most will go to the set pressure of the compressor.
  3. 1- James H. Howell 2- U.S. Army 3- 1967-1969 4- Sgt E-5 5- Motor Sgt 6- Drafted Oct 1967 Stationed Ft. Knox Ky, Germany, Honorable discharge Oct 1969
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