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  1. Looking to buy a 2nd smaller toad to use when I don't need my Silverado. I want to flat tow only and have looked at a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage that is a manual transmission. I never looked at the manual or asked the salesman if it could be flat towed and just "assumed" because it is a manual it can be but I don't see it on the list of ones in the FMCA 2016 Towable guide Anyone know about this model? I haven't purchased it yet and won't until I get a concrete answer from the manufacturer
  2. I have 2 filters. As I understand it the one is the secondary filter with the Water sensor/drain. The other is the primary filter. Both have been changed several times. I never thought about cutting them open to see inside. I have been told that I should only need to change the primary when I suspect a plugging. The "Water in Fuel" has never come on. As I stated since we bought the coach I have treated the fuel properly but the algae was probably already in the tank. We have put 8,000+ miles on the unit between Sept and January of last year before parking for Winter. Tank was filled for winter and treated. Unit ran good for 200 miles last weekend before Power Loss came back.
  3. I live in Northwest Pennsylvania and believe our DP that we purchased in September of last year possibly had Algae in the tank after talking to several people. The rig is a 2008 with a Cummins Diesel and only had <13,000 miles when we bought it. We have put more than 8,000 miles on it since Sept 2013 to January when we put it away for winter. We have experienced power loss intermittently which would either clear after we let it set or would change the filters. I am not a motor head but the problem does seem to be a plugging condition. Since we have owned it we have had Freightliner in Gaffney completely service the coach which also included the Air Cleaner which wasn't bad but felt it worth the cost. We took it out last weekend for a Shakedown cruise before a longer one to VA and the problem came back for awhile. The codes indicate fuel rate is lower than it needs which also indicates a blockage. I have kept the tank full and treated properly but others feel the algae was already there when we bought it due to sitting a lot. I have been told I should have the fuel drained and filtered, tank properly cleaned of all sediment, algae, etc and the filtered fuel can then be pumped back into the tank. Does this sound correct ? Also does anyone know of a place that can perform this in my area of near Erie, PA
  4. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
  5. We are leaving NWPA the 1st of January to drive down to Gaffney, SC to take advantage of Freightliners 15% off service (10% + 5% FCOC) for our "New to Us" MH. We have winterized the Beast and plan on taking some containers of water along for flushing & drinking until we get down south in a warmer area. Is this the right way to start out or do any of you have better ideas? I also will have to winterize the rig before heading back home I assume. Any advice in practical procedures will be appreciated. Mark
  6. My wife convinced me in Sept 2012 to buy our 1st TT, a 35ft Keystone Passport with dual living room slides which we really enjoyed but in September 2013 I saw and my dream machine. We ended up buying a 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 40E with only 13,000. miles. We are having to do a complete servicing of the chassis, motor, etc as everything was factory (didn't think that through as I got caught up in the moment) but I love the Beast and find it easier to drive than the TT. We tow my Silverado 4 down which works well for us. Now when I go on the road for work as I do a lot I take my bed, kitchen, Wife, and Dogder with me. I always know the bed is clean, food is good, drinks are cold, and the 2 of them are always glad to see me which makes life much less stressful. I look forward to the day when we can do this full time.
  7. Thanks for the input. Do you think the Freightliner center in Gaffney would be equipped to perform the 4 corner weighting of the coach and then advise me in the proper inflation of the tires ? I am unsure where I would have this done if not at the facility such as that. I do realize the value of proper settings and want to give us both the most comfortable ride but more importantly keep us as safe as possible. While I want to do some repairs and maintenance I will have the initial work done by professionals for peace of mind that all items should be done as best possible given the fact it will be at the same facility it was originally assembled.
  8. Wolfe, Being very new I am going by the pressure settings that are on the interior wall behind the driver's seat. The recommended pressure ratings are on the same plate as the VIN #, etc of the coach. I have been trying to read as many posts on various topics to speed my learning curve. The more I read on tires the more I get confused. Several topics refer to getting all 4 corners weighted for proper inflation and it sort of makes sense. The reason I bought the coach was the good condition, layout of interior, price, and low mileage. There wasn't any maintenance logs on the unit as it was a repo and I figured out later everything was factory. We are going to drive from snowy NW PA in January to go to the Freightliner Chassis service center in Gaffney, SC for a complete service front to rear. Mark
  9. Thanks for all the good posts. The tires on the unit appear to be in good shape without any noticeable cracking of the sidewalls and tread is still very good. As this is the first MH we have ever owned I am quite a novice at many things but learning fast. We are not full-timers but use it as much as possible. The unit had very low miles on it (2008 w/ 13,000 miles) we have put 3000+ miles on it in about 1.5 months as I took my wife and dogder and golden-doodle with me as I did field service at several customers instead of staying alone in motels. Back to the tires mine presently are the G670's 275/75/R22.5. I haven't looked at the Michelins yet but hope I can get tires for the rear that have a better tread pattern for traction. I realize this isn't an Off-Road vehicle but it's helpless in wet grass. The tires are pressured up and hold pressure well. Mark F436358
  10. Just joined in the last month after purchasing our 1st MH. While our tires appear in good shape G670's. I understand that the age of them (5 years) we should consider replacement. I am intrigued with the FMCA tire program. We live in NW PA up near Erie, PA and wonder if anyone else in the general area has purchased tires through this program and if so what dealer did they use and/or recommend that participated in this. Thank you in advance for your help Mark Anderson - F436358
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