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  1. But I'm not a Luddite either;). Have a good New Year Carl.
  2. Who would recommend against the inclusion, to replace the current exclusion, of dues paying members? Who would recommend against members having an equal voice in the governance of OUR Association? Who would recommend against all dues paying members having a vote for elected officers of our Association? And why would they? We are all FMCA members. Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see inclusion as a problem but rather a solution. The FMCA is required to have a Strategic Plan. The current strategic plan recognizes fewer and fewer members belong to chapters (section C) and directed the Long Range Planning Committee to review the Goverance and adapt for the future (section F). That is the work before us. Let us begin that work of inclusion. https://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/strategicplan.pdf
  3. The comment about Jim wanting it mailed (Jim and I knew better since it was our exchange) was meant as a joke by Herman. Obviously mail wouldn't be received by Jan 1....Thus the smiley faces. Jim asked me for something and I responded with it. Everyone knew mailing was not an option to get them in by Jan 1 and Penny had set up the electronic process.
  4. We have submitted well over the required signatures to put all three proposals on the Agenda for Gillette. Thank you everyone for the support!! After the new year we will set up threads to continue the discussions. Everyone benefits from inclusion!!!
  5. The three ENERGIZED proposals are attached ENERGIZED_Proposals.pdf
  6. Thanks and Will do. We have plenty of volunteers on the Energized/u60 Facebook group too but obviously the more signatory’s we have the better.
  7. If a dues paying member is in more than one chapter they have one delegate (National Director) voting for each chapter. These multiple delegates vote on issues at the annual conventions and vote for national officers. If a dues paying member is not in a chapter they get no votes.
  8. The accounting firm has the yays nays duplicate votes and voided votes. We have member numbers for chapters yes? So we have the data and I got a gift card with mr smitty on it that says 90% is spot on;). It doesn’t matter if it’s 90% or not though. The issue is 30% of the membership has a vote and some have 5 votes while others none. If that ain’t broken I don’t know what is. Regardjess the gift card is yours at Perry for a job well done. It’s your’s Chris because you were not afraid to take the helm 40’ from the iceberg. Your new teams may very well save the Association. Let’s spend our energy addressing the issue of 70% of the membership do not belong to a Chapter nor do they get to vote for elections of our Association nor are they represented at Our Annual Conventions.... The rest is in my mirror and I can’t hit it;)
  9. Brett he needs a warning flag;) Mr Holt Since the “electronic voting option” is a different issue than “one membership=one vote” we started a separate thread. ps we are not your enemy here. We are trying to help.
  10. That is, in part, why I brought this up. The vast majority of the U60 group do not belong to chapters and therefore they cannot conduct the business of the association nor vote for National Officers. This should change.
  11. Looking for comments on this Proposed Change to FMCA's Goverance "Whereas the Governance of the Association is of utmost importance, whereas all methods of secure voting that encourage the casting of ballots are appropriate, therefor be it resolved all members shall be allowed to submit their ballot via secure paper ballot or a secure electronic method." How does a member submit a proposed change? What are the Timelines?
  12. --A Membership sits at approx. 75,000. If the figures thrown around that only 30% (22,500) are members of chapters while 70% (52,500) ----are not chapter members then why with 3 months of Notices in the Magazine and on the website only a little over 11,000 took the time ---to vote. Does that show you how folks care about what happens. i don't view it as people don't care....I don't think the majority was even aware. If a member typically doesn't read the magazine they would not know. If a member doesn't attend rallys (only an average of 3% do) they would not know. If a member doesn't log on and review FMCA.com they would not know. Unless this member was also in a chapter. One solution would be to design a new structure where all members were treated as if they were in a chapter. Give them the same info, same voice and same vote. Why wouldn't we want to do that? Is it our responsibility to deliver the information to the membership or is it the members responsibility to try to find it? It's all about structure and the question of "are we here because of the membership or is the membership here because of us" Every business or Association I've ever consulted with, that didn't answer this question correctly, either failed or is failing
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