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  1. Not looking like it. To date we have not been able to find a group to work with in the Perry area.
  2. ".... I keep getting asked, to take on a task that I have done, over and over before. Why? Because no one that's still working and raising kids, will do it !" May I ask what task? National Director? "....There is a very nice Lady, who once was FMCA National President. She is now back in a position of authority, because none of your group will take it ! " What position?
  3. But I'm not a Luddite either;). Have a good New Year Carl.
  4. Who would recommend against the inclusion, to replace the current exclusion, of dues paying members? Who would recommend against members having an equal voice in the governance of OUR Association? Who would recommend against all dues paying members having a vote for elected officers of our Association? And why would they? We are all FMCA members. Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see inclusion as a problem but rather a solution. The FMCA is required to have a Strategic Plan. The current strategic plan recognizes fewer and fewer members belong to chapters (section C) and directed the Long Range Planning Committee to review the Goverance and adapt for the future (section F). That is the work before us. Let us begin that work of inclusion. https://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/strategicplan.pdf
  5. The comment about Jim wanting it mailed (Jim and I knew better since it was our exchange) was meant as a joke by Herman. Obviously mail wouldn't be received by Jan 1....Thus the smiley faces. Jim asked me for something and I responded with it. Everyone knew mailing was not an option to get them in by Jan 1 and Penny had set up the electronic process.
  6. We have submitted well over the required signatures to put all three proposals on the Agenda for Gillette. Thank you everyone for the support!! After the new year we will set up threads to continue the discussions. Everyone benefits from inclusion!!!
  7. The three ENERGIZED proposals are attached ENERGIZED_Proposals.pdf
  8. This forum (ENERGIZED) is for members of the ENERGIZED Task Force and Under 60 Group to discuss our proposals for Gillette. Energized/U60 Members can also join the conversation at https://m.facebook.com/groups/854704651273774?ref=bookmarks Attached are our three proposals (in a pdf) to allow all dues paying members a vote at conventions and officer elections Currently only Chapters get a vote at conventions and for officers. For the past 20 years less than 30% of our 75,000 members belong to a chapter. These proposals, if supported, would allow one member one vote, regardless of any Chapter affiliation. In Proposal #1 Members would not be precluded from voting electronically via a secure voting method offered by FMCA. In Proposal #2 Members would vote for their convention delegates who would carry their vote to the floor or the Annual Convention to be cast for convention business and the election of officers of the Association. In Proposal #3 these delegates would vote for their Area Vice President (currently only Chapter can vote for these board members). Please print them and follow the instructions on the top of the printed document for submission to FMCA for Consideration at Gillette. If you are able----please solicit signatures from your FMCA Member friends. ENERGIZED_Proposals.pdf
  9. I'll be shocked if we get the required signatures over the holidays to even continue the discussion at Gillette. But it is one of our goals, so we need to pursue it, regardless of the slope of the incline. Little doubt many members don't really care what happens. On the other hand there are members of our ENERGIZED/U60 Group that grew up with their parents with FMCA and want their kids to experience what they did. Generally these Legacy members are disappointed, to put it mildly, with the loss of "Family" in FMCA and they really do care....although they are also giving up on their memories for their KIDZ. Discounts will fund the association but it still needs Governance and the current governance is not a democracy with voting of Elected Positions/policy decisions only allowed for less than 30% of the membership. With Chapters folding----It's also dangerous as a shrinking group (currently 391 out of 75,000 members) with full decision making authority can be easily manipulated down a particular path. A road to Abilene. Voter apathy is increased when members doubt their ability to make a difference or feel under-represented in an organization. The vast majority of the U60 members do not belong to a Chapter therefore the vast majority of the U60 group have no vote or voice in conventions or elections. Those votes are held by those generally over 75 years old (Geographic Chapter National Directors) No offense intended we all get older...but the current structure of Goverance is not inclusive to our age group. That leads to people not caring....especially in our age group where we have other options and value our time.
  10. In 2001 those who wrote the current FMCA's Strategic Plan (the guiding light of the Association) saw the future clearly when they wrote: "FMCA chapters are viewed as the lifeblood of FMCA, and chapter and area rallies form the basis for FMCA-related activities. It is likely that the present membership of primarily active, mature, retired persons may want to have resources focused on doing more of the same, since it’s worked for so many years. People generally are resistant to change. At the same time, those whom FMCA seeks to attract in the future, such as those 45-to-55-year-olds nearing or thinking about retirement, and younger persons with families who can afford motorhomes, are looking for different ways to enjoy motorhomes beyond rallies, such as tailgating at sporting events, attending NASCAR races, embarking on family vacations to scenic locations, and joining caravans traveling to great destinations. How FMCA bridges the generations and their different needs will be central to its future success. The majority of FMCA members, approximately 66%, do not belong to chapters, and it will be increasingly important to learn what the needs, wants and expectations are of this “member-at-large” group. There is a trend in some organizations, traditionally geographically based such as FMCA, toward more “interest-based” sections such as the chapters currently served by FMCA’s International Area, and this is an area that warrants further dialogue and deliberation."
  11. I’m not sure what that means? Today the Northeast Area has 3 times the chapters and three times the votes (national directors) than say Midwest Area. More members in an area equals more votes like a democracy. Back in the 80s when everyone was in a chapter it worked like a democracy. For the past 16 years less than 30% belong to chapters which has resulted in FMCA becoming an Oligarchy which means a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few. a state or organization so ruled. if you want to change that back to a democracy see attached ENERGIZED_Proposals.pdf
  12. Of course NO VOTING on any issue occurs until the convention in July. This is just an effort to try to get “permission to discuss” the issue at the July 2018 Convention. If it were to pass at the convention— then you would have a vote for your representatives and officers of the Association...along with all members at large. That’s the goal. All members get a vote.
  13. Attached are the three ENERGIZED proposals in pdf for printing and sharing with other FMCA members. In order to be considered in 2018 they must be received by Friday 12/29/2017 Thank you very much for your time! ENERGIZED_Proposals.pdf
  14. Thanks. If you are on Facebook you can join the conversation with our group here-->>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce/ It's a less hostile environment;) The fact that non chapter members have no say needs to be fixed. The FMCA Constitution says in part: ---Article III Government of FMCA 1. Source of Authority: A. The governing authority of FMCA, hereinafter referred to as the Governing Board, is derived from its members ------ It doesn't say only from Chapter Members Again we have nothing against Chapters and think social gatherings are great! We believe areas would expand their rally attendance drastically if they became focused on all the members in their areas.
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