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  1. We bought our coach last February and have been having a/c issues since last summer. It has a TrueAir basement system, which we thought we would love. The heating system works great but the cooling system can't seem to keep up with temperatures at 90 and above. We have had to replace circuit boards, a relay switch, both blower motors and a fan over the course of a year. Each time we think it's fixed for good as soon as the temperature gets really hot it still can't keep up. As we speak, they're now doing a freon check (because the temperature coming out of the vents is reading slightly higher than it should be). If it's a freon leak we will probably get two new compressors. If not, the Tech is saying that brand just may be putting out as much cooling as it can( as with the factory installed units on all Alfa motorhomes. That company then started offering an option of adding a rooftop unit to compensate for the basement unit.) Our Tech is suggesting we may have to do the same. We have an extended warranty and so far they won't authorize a new unit because we haven't completely exhausted all possible solutions. Can anyone contribute any advise/solutions on this? We love the coach but this is driving us crazy. A rooftop unit would be installed in a cut out already housing a vent so the job would probably cost about $1200. It would be located in a central area so air flow would supposedly flow forward and back. Spending the money on this is one thing...as long as it solves the problem.
  2. Our motorhome lives in a Motorcoach resort about 3 hours from our home. We visit the resort a couple of times a month. When we leave the coach to go home is it necessary to stow the satellite dish? Also, we have a TV in the living area and one in the bedroom. The front TV always works well but the back TV almost always says error code 775, "having trouble communicating with dish". I've reset it, checked all connections and unplugged it from the wall trying to get it to work. Help!
  3. Should I lower my satellite dish when I'm away from my motorhome?

  4. Thanks for all the info. We are not into tons of activities kind of people. Just want to relax around a pool and spa after a day of sightseeing. Plan on going sometime for a month during January - March. Will look at places suggested and always welcome more ideas.
  5. Does anyone have a suggestion for a RV resort in the Phoenix or Tucson area that is nice for a month or so and has good monthly rates? This will be our first winter experience there. Dave and Jan
  6. We are anxiously planning our summer trip to the Maritimes and are looking for suggestions about the Cabot Trail. We intend on using a campground in Baddeck for our motorcoach for four nights as our home base and traveling the trail in our Jeep. However, we're not sure of the best way to accomplish this. We'd like to travel part of the trail each day, returning to our campground at night. Is there a way to do this without retracing our steps several times over? We'd appreciate any advise from folks who have made this trip. Thanks in advance. Jan and Dave Dolber personal phone number deleted-- Moderator
  7. We're planning a summer trip f/ our home in South Carolina to Canada's Maritime Provinces. We'll be traveling in our 39' diesel pusher coach. We've done a fair amount of research but would sure appreciate any helpful ideas or suggestions of places/things to see/do while there. Also, we're a little concerned about the availability of diesel fuel that far north as well as being prepared to cross the border into Canada. Is there anything special we should know about Canadian Customs and/or bringing a coach this size into their country? Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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