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  1. Just a thought - We are heading to Alaska this year from our home in NC. The fuel cost round trip will run about $4,500 with our diesel pusher. We could not afford that if we hadn't gotten a summer job in Alaska. We will work three days and have off the rest of the week. The wife and I should clear $6,100 working just 3 - 8 hour days each for about 4 months. Pays for the fuel - some food and a little beer. As I said just a thought.
  2. See the forum article (technical - engines) on the Mercedes MBE 900 engine that was used on a number of Freightliner chassis. I own a 2007 Tourmaster with that engine. The engine has good power (mine has a 1,000 lbs torque) and get average to good MPG ( I average 8.5). I call my Tourmaster "the value motorcoach" as is has many options found only on higher cost machines. Such as - 3 heat pumps - power cable retractor - solid wood appointments - fresh water system manifold - fiberglass roof - pull out gas grill - 2 gas furnaces - 8k genset - 2k inverter and a lot more. If you are looking into buying a used one - make sure the engine has had the "high pressure fuel line" recall completed. Other than that the engine is a solid performer. Here is the FMCA link: http://community.fmca.com/index.php?showtopic=1595
  3. As a follow-up: Our coach also has stackless vents that utilize a diaphram. While not positive I believe that they allow air into the plumbing system to prevent a vacuum from forming but, prevent grey water from escaping. Happy Trails To All!
  4. We noticed a gray water tank smell on occasion in our Gulf Stream Tourmaster. We typically noticed the smell when the coach was closed up and the ceiling power vents were running. We also noticed it when we were driving down the road. The smell originated in the rear of the coach by a small sink and the washer/dryer combination. The only place the gray water system could vent back into our coach is where the clothes washer discharge hose empties into the gray water system plumbing. We placed some foam around this connection and the smell was gone. Problem solved. Hope this helps.
  5. Attached is a picture of the "new" dampened HP fuel line.
  6. A few months ago I sent this information to the Tech Talk column in Family Motor Coaching magazine. For whatever reason, they choose not to publish it. I thought that a recent issue with my 2007 Gulf Stream Tour Master, which was built on a Freightliner Chassis and is powered by a Mercedes MBE 920 engine, might be of help to other owners with similar combinations. Our coach had about 12,000 miles when we noticed the smell of diesel fuel when we stopped for the evening. The engine was leaking a small amount of fuel and I traced it to one of the high-pressure fuel lines located on the top of the engine going from the block into the injectors. While working to get this corrected I became aware of a recent recall on the Mercedes engines (NHTSA 08V668000 and 09V141000). I called Detroit Diesel -- they handle the Mercedes engines -- and was told that my engine serial number was not in the recall. Further investigations with various dealers revealed that a Mercedes recall (08C3) provides for a complete replacement of all un-dampened high-pressure fuel lines and fittings. My engine did not have the new dampened HP lines. I followed the service issue procedures in my Mercedes engine owner’s manual and finally contacted a regional manager. He was very helpful and agreed to complete the recall (08C3) without charge. Needless to say, I was relieved to not have to pay for the four hours of labor and needed parts. My main reason for communicating with Tech Talk is to make other owners with this engine aware of a potentially serious situation that could occur as the result of a fuel leak. Friends of ours in Texas are the owners of a Alfa See Ya motor coach with the same chassis and engine combination as mine. They had a major fuel leak that left them shaken and stranded on the side of a highway and just glad that the leak did not develop into a serious fire. Neither I nor our friends were contacted by Gulf Stream, Freightliner or Detroit Diesel concerning this recall. I’m sure there are others who may be in the same situation. I will attach a picture of the new style dampened HP line. Charles Cristiano F389546 Green Cove Springs, FL
  7. I have a 32qt. (6 gal) MBE920 engine. Just a thought. Why not use a portable oil pump (JC Whitney sells one) to drain the crankcase. You slide a stiff nylon tube attached to the pump down the dip stick pipe. You can use 5 gallon paint pails and not have to catch all the oil in one big container. You can verify that the correct amount (all oil) has been drained by measurement of the 5 gallon pails. This is generally how they drain the oil from large engines on marine vessels.
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