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  1. Thank you everyone for the help. I was able to talk to a Newmar Dealer in Minnesota who walked me through the fix. It worked perfectly. If anyone else needs to here more on this please email me at jameslaverdiere51@gmail.com. Sincerely, Jim
  2. I am looking for some advise on how to get my slide out back in my motorhome and working correctly again. I put the big slide out out tonight but forgot to release the lock arm on one side so it tried to go out and jammed. I unlocked the arm and brought it back in but the one side opposite the lock arm is short about 2 inches short coming in all the way. I tried putting it out again and it It now goes out about 5 inches and stops. I can hit the button again and it comes back in but is still sticking out on one side about 3 inches. I tried using the manual wrench to bring it in but it will not come in further. I also tried the large wrench on the shaft but I cannot budge it with a 1/2 drive ratchet. I don't have enough leverage. Any suggestions. I have a 2005 Newmar Mountainaire with a 12 ft slide out. Jim Laverdiere
  3. Thanks for reply.Tire dealer recommended turning wheel all the way left and then right ten times to get air out of power steering lines. It worked.
  4. Wolfe 10, I am new to the forum and not sure how to ask a question. I am buying a 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire Gas and the owner just added new tires and when I test drive the unit we heard a grinding sound more pronounced on right turns but there on lefts. Was even noticeable with slight adjustments to wheel. Steers good and appears solid but looking for ideas on the new grinding sound. The unit has not been driven more than 100 miles in last 6 years. Owners said it did not do it on way to tire shop yesterday and I never heard it when I drove the unit two weeks ago. Any suggestions?He is taking it back to tire store tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I will give your suggestions a try.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has reduced the heat generated by the engine in the E450 Ford Class C motorhomes. My wife sits in the passenger seat and indicates the carpet gets very warm on long trips. Has anyone found away to reduce the heat generated by the engine?
  7. I have a 2004 Gulfstream BT Cruiser and have a leak I detected after purchasing the unit. It appears to be coming from the awning attachment point on the side and has run down the inside of the wall to the storage compartment under the bedroom window. When I bought the unit I first noticed dampness in the storage compartment then lifted the carpet to see some of the floor of the storage compartment rusted. I thought I had water coming in from the rear tires when it rained, so I sealed the compartment door better. I recently noticed after a car wash that the wood next to the top of the compartment is black and just fell out after pulling on it. Upon further inspection I see the awning support for the bottom of the arm is not parallel to the wall but leaning in at the bottom. I can now tell there is little support in the wall for the bottom awning arm holder. I see no signs of water in the bedroom and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem in a class c? I am not sure where the water is coming from but I don't think the storage compartments seal well. Your thoughts. Also what might it cost to fix something like this? A new owner of a 10 year old Class C. Jim
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