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  1. Thanks! This route will save us lots of time. Good pointer on the swim suits too, Jeff and Christine
  2. We are going to be in the Yellowstone area this June and are looking for the best route from Thermopolis WY to Island Park Idaho. We are wondering if anyone could give us advice - we are thinking Highway 26 to 191 through YS might be the best route. We have a 40' MH and would like to avoid the worse grades (10%). Is Highway 14 doable from Cody or should it be avoided? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ditto on M4Products.com. They are great to work with, and if you mess up, exchanges are quick. Their website has good descriptions of the lights. IQuality is top notch, so you won't be replacing defective LED lights. I changed out all my lights on our 2008 Journey this last month after upgrading to solar & lithium batteries for the house. I used the Winnebago electrical charts downloaded from Winnebago website to determine the correct bulb types, but you can also match the bulbs using pictures on M4. Also swapped out all the exterior porch, docking and marker lights. Replaced a couple of fixture with M4 products too. J&C rvbuiltfortwo.com
  4. I have heard that many RV locks have siblings that use the same key. I have a 2008 Winnebago Journey, and for that reason and others am interested in replacing my existing TriMark lock that has a key & fob with one that is keyed & keyless. It looks like this may be a do-it-yourself project. Does anyone have suggestions on manufacturers & models, or good/bad experiences? Has anyone replaced the handle/lock or done this upgrade? Thanks! Jengle @ RVBuiltForTwo.com Trippin' With The Engles
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