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  1. Just a follow up on my trial run. Not much to say. It went perfectly. No issues with the Smart or the Rialta. I expected that I would feel Smart back there but, didn't feel it at all. I was easy at first since I didn't know what to expect but, finally took it out on 64 and headed to Richmond running between 60 to 70 when the traffic permitted and everything was rock solid and the Rialta was able to keep the mileage up to just above 18MPG. Down just a hair. I did as suggested here and used a couple of bungee cords to return the steering to center when in slow turns and they also worked well. My wife sat in the back for a while until we were convinced all would track well and then came up front and we just kept going for a while. I went with the Smart Tow system www.smart-tow.com and am very pleased with it. They modify the crash bar by strengthening the tow bar and adding new longer tow points to the bar and pinning them an welding the pins at 4 areas. I've read somewhere that someone tried to tow a SC with the existing tow points and it did not work. The difference between the existing and modified crash bar is very noticeable. The Tow bar weighs less than 20 lbs. And is easy to setup. I also added the SMI Stay-In-Play braking system and use diodes to connect the lights up. I'm very happy with this setup. However, a question is evident. The key in the car. Is it possible to buy just the base key, no transmitter/receiver to use to leave in the ignition switch while under tow? 300 bucks for a key to leave in the car is a little steep. Fred
  2. There seems to be several ways to connect your tow vehicle lights to your towed vehicle. I have what I need to do the job but, before I start I have a few questions for the Smart Car community. I can shorten it into one question like, what is the best way and leave it at that but, I'm sure there is more than one. I have a kit that included diodes which I know is a good way especially since back feeding the cars electrical system is not a good thing to do to electronics. I can also just wire them straight on if I don't worry about the issue above. And of course adding another light socket into the tail light housing is an option. However, I can't see where it would fit if I did it this way. Then there are detachable tail lights. A good option but, I haven't found any that would work on a plastic car (all I found are magnetic) I would go this route if I could find a set of suction cup type lights that don't cost an arm and a leg and a few other parts. The Smart car issue is more with the size of the wiring going to the existing lights. If the wiring were the standard 14AWG this post would not be here. However, the Smarts tail light wiring is on the 20/22AWG size which makes me uncomfortable about clipping and 14 to it. Any advice out there on how you resolved this issue? I would prefer to tap into the existing system since it is a clean install but, I have questions. Thanks Fred
  3. Thanks for all of your reply's. I will be installing the tow system this weekend including the brake system (SMI Stay In Play) and the wiring harness and diodes for the tail lights. My Tow vehicle is a 2003 Rialta. I hope to trial tow the Toad Sunday. Fred
  4. In the instructions for flat towing a Smart it says after releasing the brakes with the car in neutral to remove the key. Ok, How. You can not turn the key to "0" without putting the transmission in "P". However, I did read somewhere that there is a way to do it by removing a pin from the ignition switch which will allow the key to turned to the "0"position and be removed. Unfortunately, I don't remember (age related CRS) where I read it. I know it was on a forum but, don't know which one. For now, it stays in position 1.I'd really prefer "0" and remove the key. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Fred
  5. The non air brake system equivalent to air force One is the Stay in Play both by SMI. Easy install and an excellent unit. http://www.smibrake.com
  6. I would not tow anything without brakes on it. I have a small Aspen Classic camping trailer that weighs in at 400lbs loaded that have electric brakes on it. I tow it with my motorcycle trike and twice had it not been for the trailer brakes, the trailer would have passed me because of an emergency brake situation. Deer's, cars and motorcycles don't mix well. Also, I am going to get the Smart Tow system I mentioned. The SMI Stay in Play DUO brake system arrives today and the tow bar and CMS bar arrive Friday. I'll install the brake system tomorrow (about 2 hrs.) and after the other parts arrive Friday, it'll take about 30 minutes to complete the system. If you know anyone that wants or needs a Road Master setup, When it arrives it's for sale or I'll just return it. Thanks
  7. I will be happy to let you know how it turns out. The Smart-Tow bar seems to be the way to go. It is pricy but, no drilling or cutting any parts of the car may make it worth the cost. It is also a lot lighter than either of the others mentioned. Since I'm towing with a 2003 Rialta I need to save all the weight I can which is why I bought the 1800 pound Smart. Thanks
  8. I have read many topics on flat towing a Smart car. All are full of information and all very well thought out and informative. However, there seems to be only 2 choices available that I can find on any forum as far as base plates for the Smart is concerned. Road Master and Blue OX. Both which require quite a bit of install work. However, I also found this web site which has a much better answer to the base plate issue but, does not seem to be available here: http://www.smart-tow.com/ click on A-Frames and read on. Has anyone out there had any experience with this flat towing answer. It is legal in Europe which after living there for 12 years has much tighter restrictions especially when it comes to towing than we do here in the states. The braking system is available here under the name Stay-in-play Duo by SMI Thanks for any response in advance. I have ordered the Roadmaster base plate and it hasn't arrived yet but, if I can get more information from users here, I'll gladly return the Roadmaster when it arrives.
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