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  1. Thanks all, sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.
  2. We have a 40' Travel Supreme coach in need of back cap repair and paint. We are staying in the Harlingen area but will travel anywhere in Texas for a good shop. Would appreciate any recommendations.
  3. I've been reading about the benefit of using the 303 protectants for tires. The question is: One article suggests using 303 (30305) Marine Protectant and another said they used 303 (30313) Aerospace Protectant. The specs say they both protect rubber. Can someone tell me if one is better than the other or both work equally as well. The Marine protectant costs a little more than the aerospace. Couldn't find the manufacturer site in order to ask. Would appreciate some input on this. Thanks.
  4. We have a 40' Travel Supreme with a toad. Planning on going full time next year and will purchase a Hydralift for the Harley. It brings the bike way up high so there's no need for an extension when towing a car. It reduces the length considerably. Other lifts don't bring the bike up high enough. The Hydralift is a little costly when compared to others but I feel it's worth the saving of length. They have one for Trikes also. Won't help if you want a totally enclosed unit/trailer. Hope this helps.
  5. We have a 40' Travel Supreme Coach and are fairly new to the RV'ing world (1 1/2 years). Our plan is to retire in two years, sell the sticks and bricks, an become full-timers. Current residency is in New Mexico. I have read much about establishing residency in states with no state income taxes, etc. From what I understand the best three would be Texas, South Dakota, Florida. Also, most articles mention that no income tax states may cost more in other areas along the lines of insurance, registration, property taxes. May open a can of worms here but this is becoming a quest. I'm sure there are many caveats that I have not discovered yet. Can anyone out there share their experiences and provide some sage advice? We have two years to plan for this. Would appreciate any help you all can provide.
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