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  1. I am having a problem with my full wall slide. It is leaving marks on the floor where the nylon rollers are. Has anyone had this problem ? If so how did you fix it.
  2. I have been lucky so far if the coach has been down the shop has had a place for me to park. This time I guess that they will fix what they can and order the parts. When the parts come in I'll go back.
  3. While here in Phoenix for the winter and maybe longer I have needed some repairs. Instead of packing up and going to La Mesa RV, I found a mobile service that would do the work under my extended warranty. The people from ASAP came out the next day saw what was needed took down all of my information and said that they would be calling me in two days. This they did but from that point it has been nothing. When I have called I get no returned calls. When I do get a call its sorry Winnebago won't sell us the part, or we can't fix that. They seem to have an excuse for a lot of things. When I first called them they said that they do warranty work for La Mesa RV and that they except Good Sam warranty. I guess not so much. I will be going to La Mesa soon. This is just a heads up that this should be a place to stay away from.
  4. We too are staying outside of Phoenix and going home for some time in December. I plan on setting the temp at around 60 on the heat pumps. I also plan on getting a larger LP tank like 30 lb and to hock it up externally . Where in Phoenix are you?
  5. We too are living out side of Phoenix. And will be going home some time in December. As far as heat I am going to set the heat pumps and then find a large external propane tank ( 40 lbs ) and set it up outside of my unit. With luck it won't get to cold. What campground are you in.
  6. We have a residential frig. We use the expandable curtain rods. They work great sometimes things do shift.
  7. Sorry to say it is not just your Camping World. Is seems to be the mentality at most if not all of them.
  8. Is it possible to add solar panels to the roof of the RV in order to help with the A/C units. We will be staying in Phoenix and would like to help with the electric bills at the campground.
  9. Have placed mine in the same location in the motorhome as I have in the car. There has been no problems.
  10. My wife and I spent part of last winter around Chicago. We had the heat type on the water and the heated water hose. We also got a 120 gallon propane tank. With size tank we were able to keep the temp up and the basement nice and warm. If a refill was needed the propane company would come out and refill, no need to move the RV.
  11. hsbsafety, Welcome to FMCA. Do you have the Schwintech System on that slide? I have it on my 2014 Journey and have had to have it fixed once so far. What is it doing or not doing?
  12. Nice unit. Now, don't let Camping World touch it.
  13. Manholt, I know what you mean. We no longer have a house but we use our kids address for mailing. We now ask for an Advance Tech who will set up my local channels but will leave my mailing address alone.
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