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  1. Thanks, yes I'm properly connected to 50 amp electric service and have a surge protector in line "before" coach. Just didn't want to burn coach and building down. I'll set thermostats in coach to 45 degrees as well as basement. I appreciate your response. washtech
  2. Thanks for confirming Mr. Desertdeals. Headed out to try it again shortly. Do you also have any comment regarding my last post relating the the Hydro-Hot? Thanks, washtech aka jackster
  3. Hello and thanks for the reply Herman. I've actually got the appropriate wrench, but the housing is screwed on so tight I'm afraid I'll break the bracket holding it to the tank. Am I correct in assuming, righty tighty and lefty loosey? Thanks, Jack
  4. Good Morning: As indicated in my earlier post regarding water filter, I'm a newbie with questions. I presently have my coach in an indoor storage unit which has NO heat. I've drained the water system but haven't added antifreeze to the lines as I'm planning to head out on a trip in 5 days. My question is; is it safe to turn on the Hydro-Hot using the electric supply so I can keep the basement area warm so any excess water which might still be in the lines won't freeze? The coach will be unattended for several days during this time. Thanks, Jackster
  5. I'm a "newbie" and having a problem getting the whole house water filter housing to unscrew so I can winterize the system. It's VERY TIGHT, does anyone have any suggestions as how I might get it loose "without" breaking the plastic housing or bracket which attaches it to the tank? Thanks, The Jackster
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