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  1. GREAT Info Tom! Taking a similar trip this year begining in late May, only going "up" from FL base into AR, MO, IA and SD then across to WY, MT,ID, UT and Down to CO & NM and back to FL. Did the lower half in 2014 when we went to International balloon festival. Wishing you safe & super travels in 2016
  2. Thanks Guys for all the input!! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but computer crashed. Better that than the Big Rig on Beartooth! I did hear that there is another further "south"of hwy 14, so I may take a look at that. Thanks again for all the input and safe travels to you all in '16 . Washtech aka Jackster
  3. Looking for comments from drivers who have traveled the Beartooth Highway. Any issues with taking 44' coach across this mountain roadway (hwy 14) from Ranchester, WY. south to Cody, Wy. ? Then headed from Cody to Yellowstone. Planning to do this in late May or early June. Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated. Washtech aka Jackster
  4. We're at 4000 feet here in West Jefferson, NC. Colors are appearing at 3000 to 5000 in elevation. Been real dry this year and we anticipate bright fall colors. All depends on how rainy & windy it gets in the next couple of weeks. Usually the peak is between second & third weeks of October.
  5. Good Morning & Thanks Carl: Yup, got it! This old FL boy (transplanted Yankee) understands COLD & SNOW. Saw a YouTube video on Beartooth Mountains "snow removal" on hwy 16 in early May. Trip has been "re-scheduled" Enjoy the Fall Colors. Jack
  6. Sandy: We are also headed out that way Spring of '16. Have been there in a car, but not a motor coach. SoI started searching the blogs in FMCA. Mark Quasius wrote an article in RV TECHMAG about the "very roads" you are considering, as well as, others. This is a definiate read. It changed my timing for the trip as well as the route. Route 16 is the one to take, but read is entire article about Yellowstone, Cody and other areas. I found marks article "today" in this blog on about page 3. Good Traveling
  7. Planning Western Trip in Spring '16, From FL to SD, WY down to CO, NM, TX and back. Leaving FL around April 15th up through mid-west to SD. Main concern is running Hwy 14, 16, 20 from Cody, WY into Yellowstone (around third week of April) and down into Jackson. Anyone with experience on this route have any suggestions? Also "considering" going from Cody, WY north up to I-90 into Montana and running up to Polson/FlatHead lake and then down the West side of Rockies into CO. How about thoughts on this route? Still too early with regard to snow? Thanks, Washtech
  8. FL- I-95 North through GA and into SC SC- I-26 West to I-77North into NC NC-I-77N to VA to I-81 North to NY NY I-84 East to CT CT I-91 North ftom there you can pick the most direct route to the area of maine you're headed to. I've made this trip many times, better than I-95 any day of the week.
  9. Good Afternoon Mr. Newbie: We're headed out to the Fiesta this Oct. Already made reservations at the fiesta grounds in Premium RV parking. Cost was $162.50 for three nights which included water & elect. NOT TOO High to be right at the grounds. Also understand it's best to purchase to tickets for entrance to the balloon field on line. Those tickets are NOT included in the cost to park your RV Have a fun and safe trip. Washtech aka Jackster
  10. Hi Grammady: We're also headed to the Balloon Fiesta in Oct. Will be there the last weekend 10th thru 13th and have already made reservations at the Fiesta grounds. We actually got a site with water & 30 amp electric. No sewer. I was told to order my tickets on the Internet, as it saves time and eliminiates standing in long lines. Have Fun and travel safe. Washtech
  11. Thanks Aztec, got it and will use it. Washtech aka Jackster
  12. Hi Betty: Some years back 26 between Johnson City and Ashville was definately "Back mountain road", however that's all been changed and I-26 is 4 lanes all the way from Johnson City to Ashville. Still have to go up the mountain outside of Erwin, but NO problem.
  13. Thanks Brett, I'll definately do that. Have a Holiday Great Weekend & Safe Travels. Jack
  14. Good Morning All: A few weeks back I inquired about HWY 160 running west from I-25 to Durango and I was assurred that was a good hwy for travel. So, we've made plans to take that run and will be headed over Wold Creek Pass east of Pagosa on OCT 1st. The folks in the Pagosa & Durango areas tell me there shouldn't be any issues with "icy" conditions in the pass that time of year. While I know none of us can predict what mother nature might have in store from day to day, I was wondering if anyone out there may have made this run during late September / early October. I know it's kind of late to be headed to the lower rockies, but we're headed down to Santa Fe & then to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta, so I figured if we're traveling all that way from NC, why not see the Pagosa & Durango areas at the same time. Any suggestions? Thanks, Washtech aka Jack
  15. Thanks a lot Herman, it sounds exactly like what we're looking for. I'd rather travel "back roads" at "slower" speeds whenever i can and seeing the "real" America rather than the "anywhere USA" on interstates is what it's all about. I'll keep the speed down, low gear & engine brake on during those long steep down hill grades! We'll also check out those places to stay and eat as well. After Durango we're headed to Santa Fe for a few days and then on down to the International Balloon Fiesta and will head back to NC via the southern route around the middle of OCT. Thanks again for the info and travel safe. Washtech aka Jackster
  16. washtech

    Mountain Hwy.

    Thanks for the input. I was somewhat nervous as I had heard the grades were as much as 12%, with steep drop offs etc. Although our coach is 44' I'm not worried about a two lane road and having to keep my speed down, in fact I'd rather go slower and enjoy the sights. From Durango we're headed down to Santa Fe for a few days and then on to the Balloon Fiesta. Thanks again for the info and safe traveling. Washtech
  17. Good Morning All: Does anyone have any input on which tire monitoring system might be considered the Best of all offered on the market? Thanks, Washtech
  18. Considering a trip to Durango, CO. Does anyone have any "experience" with road conditions traveling on hwy 160 "west" of I-25 toward Durango? How about a good RV park in that area? Thanks Muchly, Washtech
  19. washtech

    Mountain Hwy.

    Good Morning Fellow Travelers: One quick question, I'm considering traveling out to CO and visiting the Durango area. It appears that highway 160 running "west" off of I-25 is the most direct route. Does anyone have any "experience" with this particular highway? Thanks for any input. Washtech
  20. Thanks Guys: I tired what Herman had said and it actually worked as washbob indiciated. I really wish the manufacturer provided more "detailed" info on these type matters, as I find nothing in the owner's manual with much detail on systems operations. But, I'm learning through trial & error and most especially through communication with experienced owners such as you folks. Thanks again. Not sure I can ask this but I'll give it a try. Washbob are you in the car wash business, as I am? Thanks again, Washtech
  21. Thanks Herman I'll give that a try and let you know what happens. Washtech
  22. Newbie looking for help with tag axle question. I understand the purpose of the tag axle on a coach and I further understand that tight turns can be assisted with raising the tag axle. However, I haven't been able to find any info about how to operate the tag on my 2004 Newmar. There is a switch labeled "tag axle dump." Therefore, am I to assume the tag axle is "normally" held in the "down" position by "air pressure" and if I push the "dump" switch it releases that air pressure and the tag axle automatically raises up? If that's the case, does it then automatically go back into the "down" position after a certain period of time or upon certain actions of the coach? Thanks for any help.
  23. Actually I don't believe there is any type of ID on the filter housing, but I'll take another look tomorrow. Jackster
  24. Thanks all. It's simply not coming off. Don't know who put it on so tight or why. Sooo I'll disconnect the hoses and remove the mounting bracket and filter housing from the tank and put the mounting bracket in a vice at the shop, if that doesn't work I'll just buy a whole new unit. You can bet on the fact that it will never be that tight again and I'll definately use the vaseline on the O-ring.
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