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  1. Maybe there's something unique with my GC. It's a hemi powered '17 TrailHawk. The wobble seems very similar to the Cherokee - typical scenario is: Sharp left turn from a dead stop, some minor pavement dip or hump (once over a railroad crossing) then immediately after straightening out the wobble starts and the only way to stop it is come to a full stop, then start off again - somewhat annoying to anyone following, I reckon!! I rang up FCA customer assistance today and the nice young lady was very familiar with the issue on the Cherokees. She started a new case for me so I'll letcha all know what happens. Edit: Just heard that FCA made a change to the electric power steering starting with the 2016 GCs, so that might explain why dons2346 doesn't have a problem. What year is yours, cwswine?
  2. Thanks Manholt... I was thinking it looks like it could be a long drawn out process since it looks like FCA hasn't even acknowledged the issue exists with the Grand Cherokees. The existing TSB addresses the issue with the 2014 - 2016 (KL) Jeep Cherokee, and is dated February 24, 2016 so I reckoned it would be better to corner my local Jeep dealer where I bought it in case some throat grabbing is required. Once I get back down there I'll pretty much be there all winter. In the meantime I'll try the bungee-cord-tied-to-the-steering-wheel solution. I'll be calling the FCA Customer Service line tomorrow just for kicks. (We're on the Georgia/SC border just off I-85 presently) Thanks for your concern!
  3. John, if you're still monitoring this topic could you perhaps contact the folks at FCA to see if they are still pursuing this issue with the latest Cherokees and Grand Cherokees? We bought a new '17 Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk last October and started towing it this past spring. We've had the wobble problem at least a half dozen times since. At first I thought we had developed a problem with our Allegro Bus until I started researching the problem. I'll try calling FCA Customer Assistance tomorrow. Thanks for your help with this!
  4. Just found this while researching the wobble issue with my 2017 Grand Cherokee TrailHawk... So the issue exists also with the GC. There's a forum on IRV2 concerning this but it's focus was also on the Cherokee which has a TSB issued. Haven't found a fix for the GC yet. I'm towing with a '14 Tiffin Allegro Bus, Demco Dominator tow bar, Blue Ox base plate and Air Force 1. Still looking for a fix. We're Hurricane Irma refugees right now but we'll check with our Jeep dealer when we get back to Florida...
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