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  1. If you are continuing to get the thumping noise then you need to replace the SurgeGuard. I had the exact same thing happen in my 2013 31SA. The problem is the relay for the electrical side is weak or shot. The relay on the generator side is fine. I ordered a new SurgeGuard, exact same model, off of Amazon and replaced the old one and everything is fine now. Be sure to take pictures of the wiring set up and make a drawing too so you get everything put back together correctly.
  2. Taking a trip to both NPs this summer in our 2013 Tiffin 31SA gasser and I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations on the best route to take from St. Mary – East Glacier entrance down to West Yellowstone. Any info on good places to stay along the way appreciated too? Thank you for your time. Chuck
  3. If you look at the classified section of the FMCA monthly magazine, listed under Miscellaneous, there are ads every month advertising "Montana LLCs" with phone numbers to call and speak with an attorney to set up a limited liability company (LLC) registered in Montana. I have read that a LLC in tax-free Montana can help you save $1,000s on RV registration. Montana has no sales or use tax and there's no required vehicle inspection. Your Montana LLC owns the vehicle; you simply drive the vehicle and Montana plates are among the lowest cost in the 50 states. I would do a lot of homework before proceeding, but this might be a possible option to check out.
  4. Allied motor home insurance coverage includes Total Loss Replacement Coverage: “If your new recreational vehicle is totaled within the first five model years, we'll replace it.” And yes, with the way these motor homes depreciate you really need this FRC coverage otherwise you will take a huge loss if something were to happen and your new 2015 Tiffin 40 ft. Phaeton coach was destroyed. Many companies offer this coverage, just be sure you get it whoever you go with. To give you some idea of the RV coverage offered by Allied you can check out this link: https://www.alliedinsurance.com/rv-insurance-coverage.jsp
  5. How much insurance you need is a personal decision of what it would take to cover your losses, and to meet any minimum limits of coverage you may have regarding underlying coverage needed to satisfy an Umbrella policy for instance. Just as campcop mentioned above, I also have Allied insurance which is a subsidiary of Nationwide. I have found Allied offers me the best coverage for the cost. Here’s a brief summary of the types of things that standard auto insurance policies most likely don’t cover and the reason you need RV insurance: Personal possessions within your RV like clothing, dishes, jewelry, and firearms. Liability issues like your child throwing a rock through the window of the neighboring RV in the campground or you accidentally backing over something at the campground causing damage to the property. Personal injury claims like someone being bitten by your dog or someone tripping and falling as they enter or exit your RV. Full replacement cost of your RV. Instead, auto insurance policies reduce value due to depreciation. Full Replacement Cost is a BIG issue you need to be aware of and make sure whoever you choose for your RV insurance covers you for FRC in the event of a total loss. Also check out how long your FRC coverage will remain in effect.
  6. First off, I totally agree with pattexaco that Creekside RV park in Waynesville is probably the nicest in the area. Good location, great people, reasonable price, nice sites, very clean, good WiFi and excellent cable TV selection. If you are in the Waynesville\Maggie Valley area don't miss the "Wheels Through Time" museum. Possibly the best motorcycle museum you will find. By following RVerOnTheMove's advice above on gears and speed I found the I-40 drive over the mountain from NC to TN not to be near as bad as I thought it would be. After reading about all the traffic congestion in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge on this and other forums I chose to avoid staying in Pigeon Forge. I had read about a very nice Good Sam 5-star rated campground located on US 321 about 13 miles east of Gatlinburg called Smoky Bear campground. Smoky Bear is very easy to get to on a lightly traveled country road by taking Exit 440 off of I-40 if you are traveling west from Ashville and following Hwy 321 South for 14 miles. Smoky Bear is a very nice, clean, family oriented campground with a pool and hot tub. They have several back in gravel sites for smaller campers and also concrete pad pull-thrus for larger rigs. We spent a week camped here and had a great time. Although it is about 13 miles into Gatlinburg, there is very limited traffic on US 321 and it is a straight shot into Gatlinburg and you don't have to deal with the bumper to bumper traffic in Pigeon Forge. If you want to get to Smoky Mountain National Park you just have to navigate the relatively short distance through Gatlinburg and you are in the park. If you want to get to Pigeon Forge you can use what is called the Dudley Creek Bypass and avoid Gatlinburg altogether. The Dudley Creek Bypass is not well marked but you can take a right at light number 2A on US 321 and it will put you out onto US 441 at light number 1 and there you can take a right and drive on up to Pigeon Forge. The Dixie Stampede was great and don't miss eating at "The Applebarn". They have great food and there is a whole complex of different shops to visit and explore. Enjoy!!
  7. Primarily since the trucks are required to take the bypass I reasoned it might be better to drive straight thru so I tried that on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm. Things went relatively smoothly with a few slowdowns until I got to the malfunction junction in downtown. There it became a parking lot with cars madly scrambling this way and that to get into their required lane. Fortunately there were a few kind folks who cut me some slack and let me move over the few lanes I had to so I would be in the proper lanes for I-75 south. I tried it once, but after that experience next time I will be looking for an alternative route around Atlanta or at 0300 on Sunday morning as suggested. Thanks!
  8. Will be driving from Chattanooga, TN to Tallahassee, FL via I-75 on a Sunday afternoon in a 34 ft. RV pulling a Jeep. Is the best way to go straight thru Atlanta on I-75 or to use the western 285 bypass around Atlanta? Thanks!
  9. Leaving next week from Florida (via South Carolina) on a trip to Waynesville, NC in the Maggie Valley (near Cherokee) and then on to Pigeon Forge, TN. Driving a 33 ft. Tiffin gasser pulling a Jeep Wrangler. I am used to driving in Florida and this will be our first trip driving a rig this large in the mountains. I am looking for some advice on the best route from Waynesville to Pigeon Forge. Looking at the map I see two choices. 1) take I-40 out of Waynesville and then turn south onto 411 at exit 432 and take 411 into Sevierville then take a left into Pigeon Forge on 66/441. 2) take I-40 out of Waynesville and stay on I-40 until it turns south at exit 421 and continue south on I-40 to exit 407 and then take 66/441 into Sevierville and then on to Pigeon Forge. Is the first or second choice the best route or can someone recommend a better route? I would also like to ask what I-40 over the mountain from the NC to TN side is like. Is it a steep climb? Are there any steep downgrades? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!!!
  10. I had a quote last year from Blue Sky but got a better rate through Allied Insurance out of Des Moines, IA. Allied is a company that is part of Nationwide Insurance Company. Allied offers a policy specifically for Recreational Vehicles.
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