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  1. For several months I no longer am able to receive non HD tv. I am hearing that Direct TV has made changes. Tracstar no longer supports any known fix?
  2. Court ruled against ACC Warranty. Burgess skipped town and The State of Indiana is after him. Burgess fled to Florida and then Arizona. State wants to get him in court and get the declaration of assets which by now are probably transferred into other peoples names. Depending on when that took place the court may be able to undo. I don't expect to get anything back from this con man however he will have a tough time scamming RV'ers in the future. Mark Snodgrass - Deputy Attorney General said it was now in the hands of the State of Indiana Collections Department 317 232 6201
  3. I just got taken also. Quite a shell game they play. Cost me $4760.00. Goodbye! Resorting to Filing a claim with the Indiana State Attorney Generals Office and then a civil lawsuit. Update: 4/1/14 12 more have filed.
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