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  1. Just had wiring harness installed in Hollywood, FL. Took all day because "we've never done this before". After checking out the install, it does look complicated, with 25 pages of instructions! Running wiring to the car interior probably took some time. They did provide a complimentary rental car, however, so all was not lost. Install and part was also complimentary, possibly due to the fact that i had been in contact with FCA for some time. It remains to be seen how well the fix works, but we'll be on the road in two days, so we'll find out soon!
  2. Thanks to FMCA Forum, I'm scheduled for the "Death Wobble" fix. A call to FCA Consumer line yesterday, and the fortunate connection with Jennifer, who knew exactly what I was talking about, resulted in a return call today from FCA, telling me that sufficient parts are expected by the end of April. I've been assured that I will receive a call verifying my then-current location, and that the installation will be completed at no charge to me. Both reps from FCA were very courteous and helpful. I don't want to be skeptical, because the "Death Wobble" is certainly an attention-getter, and I want it fixed asap! Anyway, it appears that help is on the way.
  3. At 22k miles, I've noticed that our '13 DSDP tires are all wearing flat and even all around, with only minor edge wear on the tag axle tires and the steer tires. However, the drive tires are wearing more than the other tires as evidenced by the small grooves (or lack of) on the Michelin tires. I've been told that this is normal since the drive tires are "working" under load at all times pushing the beast down the road, but I'm a bit suspicious of that. I would expect the steer tires to exhibit the most wear. Any thoughts?
  4. We have "toad" a '14 Cherokee Limited with Active Drive II for over 10k miles since purchase in Nov '13 with no major problems. Roadmaster All Terrain and Stay-n-Play brakes behind a '13 Dutch Star. Did all the install myself, including electrical. Thanks to Roadmaster for the online help on occasion. There are no heavy structural members behind the fascia, just an aluminum bar. The install went smoothly except for a bit of head scratching with the electrical when tapping into existing brake light circuits and such. The only noticeable issue we have is that the MH exhaust kicks up road rubber, which deposits on the exhaust system under the Jeep and then burns off the first few miles after a tow, resulting in a hot rubber smell that dissipates soon. Caused us a bit of concern the first few times! Great car to tow and comfortable for two people and the dog. It has gone off road with four people and two dogs and has performed flawlessly, towing as if it is not even there. Good choice for a toad!
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