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  1. Thanks for your input! I am in AZ. May try to get to Pomona. Thanks, Larryt
  2. Service at just about every RV Service location almost always disappoints. I am interested in a Motorhome Repair course that is suitable for a non-mechanical, non-technical person. Is there such a course that covers general repairs that may not need yet another visit to a RV Service location. I could handle some of these "everyday repairs" if I had just a bit more technical information. RV component user manuals can have helpful information, but a hands on course would be very helpful to me. I have a new Tiffin Phaeton. The major components work well but there are pesky can arise like the slam lock doors not functions smoothly or the Satellite TV functioning smoothly.
  3. Thanks, good information. I had a solar panel on a 5th wheel which I traded for my Phaeton. It worked like a charm. No moving parts and it always kept my battery topped off. I may do the same with my motorhome. I think my problem was that the inverter was not turned off. It may have caused the drain. My clue may have been my refrigerator control light was still on. Unit was off but it was still drawing power. Thanks for your input. Larry
  4. Thanks Brett, we are in AZ so cold weather is not a problem. With my 5th wheel, I could just use the battery disconnect and it would stay charged for months. However, with the Phaeton, there are a lot more electronics. 2015 Phaeton has all the necessary equipment to keep me topped off. (As long as I am plugged in) So that is what I will do.
  5. 2015 Phaeton just returned home with it. I park it at my house in a covered area. After 1 week, the batteries were dead. The "in house" battery switch was turned off at the battery and I was surprised to see dead batteries. I have a 30 amp plug at my parking site. Should I keep the unit plugged in? At 30 amp? or move it to 20 amp? I may go 2-3 months without using the motorhome.
  6. Thanks, Jim for your input. I have been in touch with them, and they may work. It seems, the trainers are very mobile and they are hard to pin down. I want to take the driving class in my new Motorhome. I have not had one before and it seems like time and money well spent.
  7. In Memphis, the 1st week of November we are taking delivery of a new Phaeton 36 GH. We have towed large 5th wheels for many years but this will be our 1st motorhome. We want to take a training course before we start our trek back to Arizona, our home base. Do you know of any RV Driver training schools in Memphis or the Southeast? I can't locate any in the vicinity.
  8. I am about to purchase this vehicle to be towed behind my motorhome. There is discussion in the Forum regarding complications and bugs with some of the older vehicles. Anyone have success (or trouble) with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee?
  9. Just ordered a new 2015 36 GH Phaeton. Sales tax where I live in AZ is 8.9%. Plates will be maybe $4000. So we have approx $22,000 with these items. No wonder some pursue the Montana LLC. Bennett Law in Missoula who specializes in LLC's basically advises of 3 requirements to be fully in compliance. - purchase out of AZ - stay out of AZ for the first 90 days after delivery - travel at least 5 months of the year - out of AZ We can comply with the purchase and 90 day requirement but likely will not be traveling 5 months of the year out of AZ. Further, if challenged, it is up to the RV owner to prove compliance. So, I am reluctant to live on the edge. Penalties can be 60% plus interest. I see many Rv's on the road with Montana plates etc. Anyone from AZ have any good or bad experiences or insight into this issue?
  10. I am about to purchase this motorhome from Sherman RV. 2015 Phaeton 36 GH . Sherman has a very good price compared to several other dealers. I live in AZ however and know little about Sherman RV. They appear to be a dealer that puts out its best price on the first lap. Does anyone have experience with this dealership? Can I expect any surprises when I arrive in a couple months to take delivery of my motorhome? Will they take issue with my trade in value at time of delivery? Any pitfalls waiting for me?
  11. Is it correct that Fleetwood and Tiffin are 2 of the few Class A producers who manufacture a lot of what goes into the unit? Others like Thor assemble from parts provided elsewhere?
  12. It was the Fleetwood 36 J. Similar in size and specs to the Phaeton 35 GH.
  13. I am interested these 2 motorhomes. Do you concur that they are in the same "quality" neighborhood? If there are any owners of either of these two motorhomes, can you provide some input? Also some tips when purchasing new or used from a dealer.
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