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  1. William I don't know if this will help; but, we have found Enterprise to be extremely gracious and accomodating anytime we have called them. From Gloucester, Mass....rural Pennsylvania to the swamps of Georgia and beyond, they always come to us. If I were in your position, I would ask what size motorhome would both make us comfortable and we could afford; and leave the rest sort itself. In most cases, other than Walmart or Home Depot lots, you'll find parking difficult in anything above a conversion van. By the same token, my wife and I pulled a car behind us for our first two years aboard, only to find that after a long day of traveling , the last thing wanted to do was disconnect and drive somewhere . These days, if we tow anything, it's usually our jetski and we leave the rest to Enterprise.
  2. When I was in the tugboat business, we ran our generators mercilessly . As a general rule of thumb, our machines we not considered 'old' until they had reached 10,000 hours. Even then, I've known some to last 15 years with proper care and maintenance. We live full time in our 2007 HR Neptune as we renovate a 19th century farmhouse in rural Virginia. When the power goes out, we think nothing of running the gen until power is restored. It is a 7500 watt Onan, and we use it most of the time traveling in the summer to run the a/c units. It has just 1700 hours, after all that time and usage. I change the oil every 300 hours, and the cooling system twice a year. Knock wood, she has never let us down.
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