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  1. My coach only has 4 seatbelts, two up front and two on sofa. Need more seat belts when traveling to ballgames, etc. Tried to have some installed on dinette and one more on sofa. No one will do because of liability. More dangerous to ride without seatbelts...anyone know how to fet these setbelts installed.
  2. Here's my method of cleaning bugs, etc. Microfiber cloths with hot water. If really stubborn use a little baking soda on cloth. I buy mine at Sam's--24 for $10.00. Good for cleaning everything with just water-- mirrors, leather, etc, You use them over and over with just washing and drying. I saw some at RV rally (more expensive) and have been telling all my friends to use in house, boat, RV. Cheap and good! You can get at Walmart or other stores but not as cheap or good.
  3. This story starts out with getting Camping World to install "black boxes" for TV antenna changes in June 09. Put RV back in srorage; disconnect switch in OFF; four weeks later batteries were dead; used jumper cable to start up RV. Took Rv back to CW; changed house batteries (bad,3yrs old); CW checked black box and said it's not the problem (this was May 12th); on June 25th went to check on RV and start up; All 3 batteries were dead 6.7 amps. Tried to jump off using a portable generator with the main electrical wiring that goes to the RV. No luck; battery amps got up to 8.7. Took out chasis battery and brought home to charge ; on my way to try and start RV and take it back to Camping World. Any comments or suggestions??
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