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  1. Thank you so much for your replies, we are helping out our kids with finding one to buy. They found a really nice National RV similar to ours on a Freightliner chassis so all is well. Thanks for your time
  2. 2006 Fleetwood Revolution LE Thank you for you response, I hope I have it right now
  3. Is a Spartan chassis good? Any problems with it?
  4. Hello everyone, has anyone tried the towing service that is offered through FMCA? I am wondering if it is good so I can sign up. Thanks
  5. The Harford is very good and the prices are very good also, we gave them our RV, autos and home and they gave us a good deal. Very good custumer care
  6. Will be in Quartzsite AZ from Jan 4th 2014 to Feb 4Th 2014 helping out our friends who own a store/booth there called Games4U we love it there the RV show is great and the whole month there is a ton of vendors. We always meet a bunch of other RVers and we chat about our rigs and just have fun walking around, socializing and chatting... we go every year. We camp in town with full hookups but a group of our friends stays a few days in the desert... huge campfire, food sharing, and lots of laughter, great fun.
  7. We have been using the Pilot/Flying J card for over a year now and we try use anytime we can for both our car and diesel RV. We save 6 cents a gallon on Diesel and that makes a difference if you are taking a very long trip. We have always found them easy to use and very friendly
  8. We have a warranty very pleased with it, have had to use it twice and no problem encountered. I agree with the previous comment took it to dealer to fix had to go twice the first time they did not do everything we needed.
  9. Hi, we want to intall an Air Force One brake System on our Saturn Vue and we are not mechanics at all. Is it usually installed by a professional? Can you buy one online and take it somewhere to be installed? Can anyone recommend a place to either buy/have installed or just have installed in the Inland Empire, in California? Thanks for your input. Jose and Karen
  10. We have very light cream colored captain’s chairs in the front for the driver and the passenger, when we are camped we turn them around so they are facing the living room and more people can sit, plus it makes for seeing the view easier. When people go in and out they tend to grab on to some part of the seat (especially my 4 year old grandson) and this leaves dirt on them or.... kitty likes to jump up on the top and we are afraid of little claw pricks. So far we cover them with heavy blankets that match but we would rather have something that is made for them if possible and we would prefer not to have a seamstress special make it.
  11. so you like the convection oven? this is the first one I have had, am a little afraid of it..... I will definitely try it for Thanksginving and I hope/am sure it will work out well. It has to be a great day as our family and 3 1/2 year old grandson will be there, it does not get much better than that. Thanks for the response.
  12. This year for the first time we are going to spend Thanksgiving in the RV with family. I am debating ... cook the turkey on Wednesday and reheat it in the motorhome? Or cook it in the motorhome? Or buy a pre-cooked one. The pre-cooked seems boring. Am leaning towards cooking on Wednesday. What do you do?
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