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  1. I have one also and I am happy with it. Can you give me some insight on replacing the O rings?
  2. I hit a sign in a Taco Bell parking lot on HSY 72 North in Loudon, Tenn. I caught the edge of the sign and tore a gash in the roof.The sign was in a bad position on a corner of the lot and had obviously been clipped many times. Anyone had a similar situation? I think Taco Bell has some liabiiity? It is a TPO roof. What can I use as a temporary repair? The gash is about 8 feet long on the edge of the roof.
  3. I have an Atwood Hydroflame furnace in a new Fleetwood Class C. I can't get the furnace to work. I have followed the operating instructions. The blower will not come on and the burner will not ignite. There is a switch in the outside access panel, with "on" and "reset" settings. I have moved the switch from on to reset and back to on.
  4. rtjennin

    Engine Misses

    I have a 1999 Georgie Boy motorhome with a Ford V-10 engine. The engine misses when driving through a rain storm. I had it serviced and they could not find anything wrong. Any suggestions?
  5. Lucy is a 12 year old Maltese. She weighs less than 4 lbs and travels with us in our motor home. Tom Jennings Port Charlotte, Fl.
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