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  1. True that. Spartan chassis PDF is also out there. Thanks Gary. Roy
  2. From what I've read, at about 8-10 mph. I'm sure you can find a manufacturer PDF owners manual from Freightliner which will tell you all about how to operate it. Roy
  3. Just Google "Blondies Pit Stop, Durango" and you'll find it. Roy
  4. We just signed up with Dakota Post. Just let them know you're interested and they will take care of you. Just two forms to fill out. Once they assign you an address you can start changing address with whomever you like. Then, you will need to make a trip to South Dakota (Sioux Falls, in Dakota Post's case) to visit the DMV. You'll end up with new drivers licenses and plates for your vehicles. Dakota Post can also help you register your vehicles or you can do it yourself while there. We'll be there in July to consummate our change of domicile from California to SD. There is a bunch of info on the DP website, including a link to the South Dakota DMV, etc which provides a bunch of info. Roy
  5. I am always puzzled about determining which wheels have a clear coat on them and which don't. If they are clear coated, then I presume you don't want to polish that away. So, unless I can find out what type of wheels are on my coach, I should probably stick with a mild cleaner/sealant type of product and a soft cloth, right? Roy
  6. The Fisher Paykel dishwasher in a drawer only uses 1.9 gallons per cycle, which is way less than I would use handwashing most dishes. SO, even boondocking, we will be okay doing the occasional load in the F & P for glasses and silverware, etc, interspersed with some paper plate usage. Good to go! Roy
  7. South Dakota is now 4% for the excise tax on RV purchases. Still a good deal! Roy
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