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  1. Randy Pollard USMC 1958 -1962 Parris Island, Camp Geiger, NAS Jacksonville, NAS Memphis, Tenn., Atsugi Japan, Phillipines, MCAS Beaufort, S.C., GITO, Cuba I have to say, it was some of the best years of my life. Tough but fun! I have some great friends from the Corps. I would have stayed in but I wanted out to continue my education. Not for that, I would have made a career of it. One thing, THANKS to ALL who served.
  2. Wayne, This should be interesting. Keep us posted! We finally got off yesterday, leaving home and headed for Texas. We are not out of SC yet, as we stopped in Hilton Head at the Outdoor resorts there. It is a beautiful campground and really enjoying. Have a safe and uneventful journey and keep us posted. Pogey
  3. Pogeybait

    Pogey's Classic

    I had many automobiles as I grew up, and a couple stand out in my mind. One was a Corvette and the other a 64 T-Bird. I had the opportunity to buy a 66 T-Bird convertible which was in great shape but needed some parts. I located all the parts that I needed and now she is ready to go. It has a "428" CI engine.
  4. This is good news. Monaco has always treated me well as far as repairs go. Any word on when they will start production again? Pogey
  5. I believe that we will just miss you. We are schedule to stay in Alabama for a few night and planning on New Orleans for three or four nights which will put us coming into Texas about the 10th of June. I have a sister in San Antonio and we will be there for about a week and then on to the Grand Canyon. You be careful out there, Pogey
  6. Semper Fi, Marine! Thank you, I love them too. A guy by the name of "Letterfly" did that for me. He works out of Lazy Days in Tampa. This is the third one that he has done for me. He is a good artist. We will be coming your way around the first of next month. If we get close, I will try to get in touch. I am Seajays friend (I think) LOL! I read the conversation between you two and I am glad to get some relief. You know those swabbies, don't know when to shut up. You can always tell when they are embarassing themselves. Their mouths are moving. You gotta love them through. Seajay comes to see me every years in Florida and we always have a great time. Attaching two pictures, one of Chesty and myself, and one of myself with an old F8U-2N from VMF-122, my old fighter squadron. Take care, God Bless and Semper Fi, Pogey
  7. Hi, This is Linda and Randy along with our two Shih Tzu's, "Molly and Willie". I spent four years in the Marine Corps(1958-1962) which I dearly loved. I made many good friends there and still see some of them today. We (Linda and I) were married in 1963 and I was working for Hughes Aircraft and we traveled a great deal. Attended Middle Tennessee State and became a computer programmer. Worked for Rockwell International as a Data Processing Manager and later moved to Emerson Electric where I was a Division MIS Director. Retired from Emerson and became a third party business partner with IBM. While all of this was going on, Linda worked for the Bank of America in mortgage loans. Later she left the Bank of America and bought a mortgage company in Columbia, S.C. which she still owns today. Now, to the motor home, if you had told me 12 years ago that I would own a motor home, I would have told you that you were crazy as a bat. About ten years ago my lovely wife and I went to a camping show and we were just looking around and we went in some of the units. I didn't know much about them and they were beautiful inside. Long story short, we bought a Pace Arrow 36 foot that day. I did not know anything about motor homing but I figured that I could learn. And learn I did. Sometimes the hard way. As it turned out, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Since the Pace Arrow, we have slowly upgraded every two or three years. We traded for a Monaco Diplomat, then to a Monaco Windsor and later to a Monaco Dynasty and last year, we traded for a Holiday Rambler Navagator. I believe that the motor home actually saved me because of all the years of work and stress. When we get behind the wheel and leave home, we are free. (At least until someone calls from home with a problem.) We still have our home in Lexington, S.C. (Suburb of Columbia) and we have talked about going full time but that is the extent of it. Our daughter lives in Lexington also and is the controlller for the company. She also takes care of the house on our extended trips. We have traveled across the country and planning another trip this summer. From Columbia to Texas, to the Grand Canyon, to Cody, Why. to Rapid City S.D. to St. Louis Mo. and home. If God is willing, that should be a nice trip and we are planning four months. We like to take our time to stop and see everything. We also enjoy meeting the folks, that is the best thing of all. If you spot me in a Campground or on the road, I have a larger American Flag with a Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the back. On the road toot your horn, in the campground come over and let's chat a while. Be Careful out there and God Bless, Randy and Linda
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