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  1. I’ve been searching forums for any info from rv’ers about this system, the axel bloom adjustable bed for rv’s. Does anyone have this system in their rv’s and if so your thoughts and experiences good and bad. I have a need to have an adjustable bed for sleeping purposes. I’ve seen the axel bloom site but want to here from rv’ers their thoughts and opinions. Also about the axel bloom mattress too. On the axel bloom site it says they have installed them in a Tiffin phaeton and other rv’s.
  2. I'll start by saying I am new to the forum and also a newby motorhome owner. Just bought our first mh in January of this year. It is a used Tiffin Phaeton 36qsh. Now to the subject of this post. My DW is an assistant manager of the dps driver license in Ft.Worth. And sadly there are quite a few of the DL employees that aren't knowledgeable of the requirements of what is needed for mh license. That is not because they aren't taught this but that it is something that they don't see or have to use regularly. And yes if you don't use it you lose it. These employees are constantly being sent to classes dealing with changes in regulations and requirements, almost daily. It can be quite confusing and difficult to remember something that isn't used very often. And mh requirement are not just simple as it depends on weights and such. Now I am legal here as to my license. It is a class B exempt. No I didn't have to do the air brake test because it isn't a pure air brake system it is an air over hydraulic system. I had to do the test quickly because of DW job. Now how did I get the mh to the DL office, well I took the written test and got my temp. permit. OK here is the catch these examiners aren't dps troopers most don't ask how you got it there. Now truthfully yes you should have a licensed individual get it there. Enough said there. Sadly most mh drivers here in Texas don't know that they need a class b exempt if their weight is over 26000 pounds, it takes 26001 pounds to require this. This can also be required of fifth wheels if the combined weight is over 26000 pounds, that's another story that is even a bigger knowledge issue. All this can get more complicated if you use your mh for business reason or pull a trailer used for business. I've seen individuals ticketed because of a simple sticker on their trailer or mh promoting a business. Same on fifth wheels. Simply put it can be and is complicated. Good luck out there and remember to be safe and have fun.
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