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  1. Is it all model years with electronic steering having the towing wobble or just the 2014. Am being told Jeep and for had same issues with their electric steering and fixed it. Understand it is a negative pressure load on the steering causing it, is this true?
  2. I have A 2002 Itasca Horizon 39QD Cat 5 diesel pusher. I'm having an issue with my gas / electric water heater making hot water when driving down the road, with both gas and electric water heater switches turned "off." When I pull into a campground/RV site, we have hot water. If we are in the camp connected to 50-amp service with the electric or gas water heater switches turned off, we do not get hot water. The only thing I can think of causing this could be something to do with the inverter running when driving and powering the water heater on. Is this normal? Anyone heard of this?
  3. I will be traveling thru the 4 corners area national parks in May 2015. Durango, Cortez, Bluff UT. MOAB, Bryce Canyon, north rim AZ. What would road conditions be like for Snow? And will the camping areas be open for Motor homes? I looking for any information I can gleam fro anyone that has been thru these areas or lives in theses areas during this time of year. Thank you in advance. Bruce
  4. That's cause the Air Force leads a better life. We didn't have to swim 1000 miles to go out on the town every night. LOL And I didn't have to worry about getting sea sick I was on a DE USS MCGinty built in 1943 bouncing around in 30 foot seas.
  5. My mattress slides all over the place in the motorhome. What have you done to stop the movement? Thank you.
  6. Are any of you using your AC heater heat pump while driving and running your generator? Are there any issues with doing this, or is it normal? I have a 2002 Itasca Horizon 39-foot diesel pusher. The engine AC/ heater does not do a good job; it's only good for the drive compartment area. Thank you.
  7. Wayne Thank you for your Service. Taking the factory roof mounted antenna assy. out is more than I have time to do I will need to remove ceiling panels an cabinets to get at the base of the antenna on the roof. Adding a new side mount antenna assy and mounting it on the side just behind the Windshield only requires 4 screws to remove plastic trim to install, It will also make it easier to make SWR adjustments being as I won't have to climb on top of the coach each time to make an adjustment to length, I'm getting too old to be climbing up and down the useless ladders the mount on these coaches LOL. Soldering is not a problem have soldered at Intel on mother boards. Thank you for you kind input. Have a wonderful day, keep the shinny side up Bruce Dixon MSgt USAF ret
  8. I ordered a new NGP Antenna Assembly that includes the cable and Side mount. All the reading I'm getting are saying it's a defective coil/ cable causing the SWR to Peg out, Found a great store on line called the http://www.truckers-store.com/ They are fast reliable and lowest prices around. I let you all know what I find out. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Jim I have looked into the hand held CB's but everything I look at in the reviews are all bad and they complain about only being able to reach out about 300 yards. Most CB's are line of sight except when getting Skip that I'm aware of. There is no wher to mount a magnet type one to my Fiberglass body and finding a "NGP" Antenna is difficult. Thanks for the input.
  10. Ralph Thank you for all the time and effort You put into this. It is greatly appreciated Thank you. I'm still having issues Started with a 36" Stainless steel rod. Here is results. Did these steps with channel 1 and 40. Set "REF" to Set position at top right of the red scale. Switched to "FWD" and needle pegged out to far right on both channels At 36" ended up cutting down to 15" and still getting same results of pegged out needle. don't know if I have a bad radio bad coil bad cable. Motor home is all fiberglass and is using a "NGP" antenna system. Don't know where to go from here. was hoping to getting this working before my trip to Alaska in 20 days. Thank you Bruce Dixon
  11. It is coil loaded and factory installed on top of coach couch is 12 feet high so I know they wouldn't of put 102 inch whip on it. I tried a 24 inch fire stik on coach but that puts the tip 14' 6" high. and many bridges are just over 14 foot. will try the coat hanger and see where that works out good suggestion thank you Bruce Dixon USAF Ret.
  12. Here is what I do to help keep my black water tank clean after coach has been sitting for a while. As you start your trip stop and buy a 10- 25# bag of Ice cubes Break it up and dump into the holding tank through the toilet. Add a couple gallons of water. Now while your driving to your destination making all those turns, stops and starts, the ice is sloshing around breaking up any stuck material in the tank. eezy peezy.
  13. CB Antenna: I have a Itasca Horizon 39' DP 2002. I'm trying to get the radio going for my Alaska trip this summer. Here is my problem; Winnebago factory installed antenna is a stainless steel whip antenna, and the whip is missing so I don't know how tall (long) the antenna should be. I have purchased a new whip but it is 4' long (smallest I could buy) so I need to cut it down to the prober length using a SWR meter. I'm looking for someone who still has one on their who can tell me how long their antenna is for a starting point. Thank you
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