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  1. On 11/27/2022 at 3:46 PM, rayin said:

    No MH to travel, still at body shop, since April__. The only reason we wintered in FL was to be near my cousin anyway.  I think we've spent our last winter in FL., prices were already getting ridiculously high; $1,300/month + living expenses. Those affected business's will either have to recoup their losses or close the doors. We can stay near Harlingen TX for 1/3 the cost of FL  and the beach is a day-trip away.

    That makes sense. Campgrounds out here are pricey, not sure if it’s only here but costs are shooting through the roof. 

  2. 54 minutes ago, rossboyer said:

    Today was a great and a sad day. We sold our motor home to a couple that will care for it well. We are no longer able to enjoy traveling in our motor home. We have traveled 500,000+ miles together since 1985. We had tents, popup/fold down, travel trailer and 3 motor homes. Saddest part is we will miss seeing all our FMCA friends. 

    Safe travels to you all

    Ross, I wish you the best of luck with your new adventures. Don’t be a stranger!

  3. 22 hours ago, wildebill308 said:

    You said " When the intake air temperature is 160 degrees F the engine will run a lot hotter than if the intake air temperature is 60 degrees." 

    How do you know what the temp is if you don't have a gage? At what ambient temp? 

    Do you know what your EGT (exhaust gas temp) is and what # boost are you pulling on the hills?

    The only time I had any problems with running hot on hills with my old coach was when my EGT was hi.


    I had the Mustang in traffic down here back in June and my air intake went up to 120, felt like I lost 1/2 the engine and it almost stalled out hen I mashed it from a traffic light 😂.

    2008 we went across the Mojave in our gas coach, 120 was the ambient temp, my intake temp went up into the 140’s, coach was pinging like an old Cat diesel on acceleration but coolant temp never budged over 198 with a 195 thermostat. 

  4. If your air intake temperature is a legitimate 160 degrees you’ve got some serious design flaws or a hole allowing hot gasses to enter the intake. By chance did someone modify the engine bay layout or close off the places for hot air to escape?

    any exhaust leaks, perhaps a collapsed muffler (internal)

    By design air filters and almost all piping is on the opposite side of the exhaust. Only the turbocharger inlet should sneak over and drop into the turbo. Do you have a infrared temp gun, I’d get that engine hot and start looking at my engine bay and CAC temperatures.

  5. Air intake temperatures shouldn’t cause an overheating condition in the cooling system. Sluggish, lacking power poor MPG’s, all day long.

    Are you sure it’s actually getting hot, could it be a sensor issue providing bad data?

    since you’ve already conquered where I would have started I’d check the lower radiator hose, is it collapsing under load?

    are we sure the fan is engaging?

    what RPM are you pulling hills?

    How many PSI is the radiator cap?

    I would call Cummins with your engine serial number and see what PSI cap that engine is supposed to be equipped with. 
    our coach would climb to 215 and it had an 8psi cap on it, I swapped it for a 14 PSI CAP, never had an issue again and I’ve never gone above 200 since. Per Cummins our vintage ISL could handle up to 18 psi.



  6. Mike, the recommendation is due to the extreme heat potential and the location, the slack adjusters and S-Cams get a constant pounding of water when driving in the rain. I do not use clay grease, as I don’t want two grease guns either. I lube our coach 2x per year to make sure no water penetrated, after 8 years I’ve never had any melt away and no water intrusion, I run this product 


  7. On 9/21/2022 at 5:07 PM, akadeadeye said:

    have a Non-Commercial, Class B license in Texas.  My motorhome is 37,000 lbs.  I took a written test, an air brake test, and a driving test one task of which was to back up 100 feet.  Whoopie!  I would have been more impressed if I had to back up 100 feet, avoiding 5 dogs, a pick-up truck parked too close to the RV park road, and swing it into a 16 ft. wide spot between two enormous cypress trees, all while ignoring the 7 people waving their arms and trying to get me to do what they say.😆

    If there was a reality prize you would have won 😂 

  8. Here is the direction I went in March 2017 with our current tires. I spoke with our National Tire rep for the company I worked for. Their tire engineer  suggested on a 22.5 wheel do not balance, instead install Centramatics behind the wheels. Large tires only hold the balance for a short while and typically run smoothly anyway, the Centramatics will constantly correct any vibrations as the tires wear. I’ve been running like that for 6 years now smooth as glass.

    Centramatics also balance out other imperfections like brake drums and rotors that are not true. Have the tires “Match Mounted” onto the wheels to help minimize or eliminate vibration.

  9. On 8/1/2022 at 8:31 PM, rayin said:

    That is where the coolant filter is on my engine. If the coolant is the new OAT type a plain filter is used. If the coolant is the OEM green type a pre-charged filter must be used.

    YUP, coolant filter. 

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