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  1. 8 hours ago, wildebill308 said:

    Like all the big climbs you just manually downshift. The biggest thing is outher traffic. You can get caught behind trucks or Explorers struggling up the hill. Just relax and enjoy the scenery. I drove most of the big hills with my last coach that only had a 300 hp ISB. I am working on repeating with this coach. This year I drove the Grapevine in Ca. and Raton in NM. Same problem slower traffic.

    Last year we came down from the Providence area on I-95 to the Port Chester area and picked up 287 to the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Never use the George Washington Bridge. From there you can take I-78 South. Last year we went to the Lancaster area then to Western Pa. So Joe is the expert on south of there.


    Worst hill I’ve ever encountered was in the Appalachian Mountains in PA, our class c, down in 1st gear foot to the floor 15 mph, I was going to stop and have my wife hop in the toad and help push. I was afraid if I stopped I couldn’t get started again :lol:

  2. 1 hour ago, wayne77590 said:

    Joe, I-77, is that "Fancy Gap" Climb?  I read where it is 6 miles at 4.5 to 5% grade.  Long climb.

    I came from 81 and that was worse than coming from Fancy Gap, the descend was toward Fancy gap wasn’t bad, getting there was tough. I always joked, our Motorhome won’t climb that hill if your Explorer struggled like that.

  3. 10 hours ago, dbenoit said:

    What stinks is getting by CT, NY and past DC. After that it "should" be OK, I think.

    When those leveling jacks go down in FL so don't the shots!!!

    D, come down 84-87-287-78-476-95, depending on the time of day 476 can get jammed up, avoid rush hours. Otherwise DC is a non issue these days, many new highways through there. It gets backed up during rush hour in Quantico VA south of DC, If the express lanes are open south bound use it. 
    hope you have an EZ PASS.
    When we lived in PA that was my only traffic jamb in VA, I would come through there after 7pm, or between 10 and 3 otherwise no issues. 
    STAY AWAY FROM THE GW BRIDGE. That area is miserable and the toll charges are extremely expensive.

    Maryland is an exhausting drive, the scenery doesn’t change so you feel like your driving in circles.

    you could come down 84-81-77 through Charlotte and cut over to 95, that will add around 100 miles, there’s nothing but a VERY LARGE MOUNTAIN, to climb up and go down on 77, Very scenic and beautiful! You will avoid Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, DC, Quantico. Depending on time and the added fuel cost. I can tell you that mountain is a tough one, went up and over it in my wife’s Ford Explorer several years ago, it struggled, never tried it in either of our coaches. Been down 81 more times than I can count headed to Tennessee. 

  4. 11 hours ago, dbenoit said:

    Getting ready for our longest road trip so far to FL. Still have 9 more days but very excited.

    Taking "some" of the grand kids to that Disney place, they won't know that until we pull into the parking lot.

    They will also be in another vehicle for the trip there and back.

    I don't know why but staying at a KOA after last seasons nightmare. Funny but they never

    sent the electric bill and we were there the entire season with AC blaring.

    The KOA in Kissimmee is very nice! Stayed there many times.

  5. On 4/21/2022 at 7:46 PM, duanelin said:

    I found out today that there is no way to wire up the taillights and turn signals direct to my coach. No one has produced  a  system to interface with the integrated electronic system that controls the rear lights..I had to purchase a wireless magnetic system


    2020 Cornerstone

    2014 Equinox or 2022 Silverado Duramax

    Both with M&G Brake system

    Have you tried Hopkins? This kit is for a 2021, doesn’t mention LED tail lights. Probably worth a phone call to their tech support for assistance.



  6. On 4/21/2022 at 2:48 PM, rayin said:

    After the pothole incident a minor problem appeared. the air-powered step cover would extend but not retract. Today I deduced the retract 12V solenoid on the 3-way valve was not clicking. Drat, was it a bad solenoid on the valve? Then the KISS principle took over, I removed the rocker switch that controlled the cover and sure enough the retract wire had been disconnected by the jar. I pushed the wire connection back on and the step operates normally both directions.

    KISS hard at work_again, that took me 12 minutes.

    Good thing you thought it through!

  7. On 4/14/2022 at 6:24 PM, m1lan0 said:

    My 2005 Monaco Executive DP chassis batteries go dead in dry storage.  Yes, I understand why: the built-in "battery disconnect" switch doesn't (by design) actually disconnect everything. (Contemptible switch labelling, IMHO.)  Yanking the negative cable kills all parasites, and that's what I'd like to do, but I don't know what headaches to expect when I reconnect.  I've heard I'll suffer rough engine and rough shifting while the control modules re-learn, but I don't know how bad that is or how long it takes.  And I wonder what other systems will require manual reconfiguration (or re-learning) after complete powerlessness. 

    I've considered adding a solar maintainer, but can't guess what wattage is enough to offset the not-really-disconnected parasites. 

    Your horror stories or reassurances would be most appreciated. 






    Honestly, I’ve never experienced any issues cutting off all power. Any issues should be so minor you shouldn’t notice it. The most I’ve ever heard of was a slightly elevated idle.

  8. 1 minute ago, richbis said:

    Thanks All again!!! For your help and insight!!! I ended up purchasing the BlueFire Adapter because it gave me more of the data, like what the error code represents and info on how to possibly fix it. I felt I would need this more on the road than just knowing what the error code is and having to look it up. Especially in a break down situation.

    The big question is::: will it really work on my unit??? I'll find out in a few days after I receive it and plug it in.

    Thanks again for all the help!!!!


    Let us know the fault codes.

  9. Well, there are a few aftermarket tools that will pull codes, Scan Gauge D is what I have and it works…so far. Most aftermarket tools miss interpret the data stream and can send you down an incorrect worm hole. The years I spent as a dealer tech I would see this often where an independent shop attempted repairs that were unsuccessful, came to me and I could see all the new parts that were installed on a completely different subsystem of the engine and the codes listed on the invoice were not what I saw in history.

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