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  1. Don’t forget those older coaches also had ignition switch problems.
  2. Serge, on our 02 HR, there is a mirror on the backside wall (kitchen in ours) that is removable, huge hole behind that mirror for access. mirror on the right side of the photo, just past the counter
  3. Extremely common problem with any road side assistance. They will also try and negotiate with the vendor, by negotiating I mean offer knock down 90% of what that job or tow should cost, when they don’t get the rates they want, they will call you back and lie, telling you nothing is available near by. What they mean to say is there is no repair/tow near by that is willing to work for pennies on the dollar. I have seen this countless times and owned a mobile repair business.
  4. From a manufacturer when I asked this question. Keep in mind not all are equal. ”if you flat tow it, it will replenish the battery, and will undoubtedly burst into flames from overheating the system. It’s not designed for that long of a run and at those speeds”. I appreciated their honesty! I also asked at what speed can I drag it around behind another vehicle and for how long if the battery dies on me? I’ll carry a tow strap.
  5. Remove the cover on the back. The awkward part, there’s no adjustments or tensioner. I removed the water pump pulley, removed old belt, put the new belt on, forced the pulley with the belt onto the water pump by hand, started the screws by hand, snugged with a cordless impact gun, torqued with a torque wrench. It wasn’t bad, but ours is on a slide and comes out very far.
  6. That’s sad. I have ran many Chinese tires commercially over the years, between over the road, construction, utilities and refuse. Never had any failures where the root cause was a defect of the tire, not one! every time I read “China bomb tires” I laugh, that phrase equates to higher than recommended speeds, improper pressures and overload tires or my favorite, P or LT tires in an application where ST should be. 99.9 percent of the time, driver over compensating for something, trying to impress the passenger and traffic, racing down the road, creeping up to three digits on the speedometer and BOOM, “China Bombs fault” 😂.
  7. Ray, he found documentation in the brochure.
  8. Consult a reputable truck tire shop, give them the original size and they can tell you what you need. 4 corner weights will certainly help them make a better decision.
  9. Na, simply cut it a few inches from one end, peel back the outer jacket, flip it over and re splice back together. I.e. don’t match the colors. It was just that simple. All you need are solderless crimp connectors. They are low voltage, no risk of electrical shock. that’s a simple and cheap test to rule out the cable in the wall. I plugged directly into the connection in the rear AC unit and laid the thermostat on the bed to make sure it was correct. Some manufacturers reverse the connections in the female to female adapter in the AC unit so the core is a standard phone cord, not so with Monaco. You could check the colors at each end fairly easily by looking at the plugs, lay the locking tab up and see what the color order is.
  10. $50 is $50, put it towards fuel, you’ll get enough to lube a few lug nuts 😂
  11. That vintage XC, usually they are behind the rear axle drives side. The last one I worked on was a 2006.
  12. I guess to each his own. The Flair was their low end coach, but if it satisfies his family I’d go for it. Nothing known for issues that I am aware of, the Ford chassis is a solid chassis as long as it was all maintained properly.
  13. Came up with a retirement plan. If I sell the 140 gallons of diesel in the coach I can pay off our house and retire 😂
  14. I love when someone that hasn’t been on here much, all the sudden decides to hop onto 2+ year old posts and chime in with gibberish that’s useless. 🤦‍♂️ off my soap box now 😤
  15. The problems are a big problem, reliability and available parts have become a huge issue.now there is a maintenance portion also that is missed more times than I can count in every industry. DEF filter, they clog and will shut you down also, when they clog it stresses the pump assembly which leads to premature pump failure. I have a hard time saying “pre mature pump failure” in my opinion they fail prematurely when maintained properly, but in those cases they fail sooner. The filter is located behind the DEF tank, often tucked up under the tank mounting bracket. Simple to replace once you remove all the steel containing it.
  16. Saw it on Facebook, yeah, you still got it!!
  17. Sounds like a cable, the one between the main AC unit and the thermostat. Our coach the bedroom is the main unit and the front is the host. it’s simply a phone cord with the connections reversed. I replaced ours a few years ago, it chafed on the back of the electrical panel. All I had to do was cut it in half, flip the cable over and splice it back together, of course I completed that after I pulled it through the maze of tunnels.
  18. Can you follow the cable, see if it’s chewed anywhere?
  19. To be honest, I do miss the simplistic side of our gas coach. Yeah the DP comfort is amazing when parked and driving. But the stress and anxiety of what could break and maintenance costs outweigh the comfort IMHO.
  20. Richard, I don’t blame you, makes sense from a cost standpoint!
  21. It’s been a few years, did it in a 42’ with toad, no issues!
  22. https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-d/
  23. Worst hill I’ve ever encountered was in the Appalachian Mountains in PA, our class c, down in 1st gear foot to the floor 15 mph, I was going to stop and have my wife hop in the toad and help push. I was afraid if I stopped I couldn’t get started again
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