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  1. Larry; We had a similar issue earlier in the summer while driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff AZ. We have the same engine and transmission you have. This is definitely an over heating issue and should have been picked up by your coolant temperature gauge. The remedy is to back off on your speed, let the transmission find the gear that works best. After all 30 mph is better than 0 mph. Best regards, Jim
  2. Montie; We have had a 465T since they came out and I feel it was a very good buy for the money. We recently traveled HWY 93 along the Bitter Root range in Montana and this device gave us all kinds of useful information. When traveling secondary road not only will it give you audible signals something is going to happen, i.e. narrow road, curves ahead, and down grades it is extremely accurate in keeping trip records. Personally, I wouldn't own any other device. Best Regards, Jim
  3. I would appreicate any advice on replacement of my OEM tires which are the Goodyear 159's 275/70R22.5. It is time to change the tires, we probably will use the coash <4k miles per year and live in AZ. We just purchased this coach so it is all new to me. Thanks, Jim
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