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  1. Happy to share,the cut sheets that Spartan sent over as soon as I figure out how to do that. Just upgraded to windows 10, feels like 2nd grade again (giggle) 1580-GG5Rev Rear Fuse Panel.pdf 1603-GG5 Front Fuse Panel.pdf
  2. Happy to report problem located and solved .We called Spartan and were able to have them send a set of drawings for the electrical system. I started out by checking voltage at verified fuse locations.Voltage was good at both fuse's. After examining the drawings we found that both fuse locations have relays also. Our next step was to change the relay(s) with another. Still no go. At this point it was time to check the headlight switch and the ICC switch. The headlight switch check out fine. The ICC switch was OK to. Examining the plug for both switches we discovered that one of the wires going into the plug seemed a little loose. After tightening the wire terminal at the connection we retried and had positive results. Happy to report all issues resolved. Thanks to all for your insights, and suggestions
  3. Thanks Rich, I agree about the light switch not being the cause. With dash lights working, I tend to think maybe the disruptor switch (icc Blinker) I'm going to try by pass the icc button and wire direct to see. I called Spartan, guys there are really a help. Sent over the cut sheets for all panels, found the marker/ tail fuse's (2 in two different panels with the corresponding relays) unfortunately they appear to be good.
  4. I did find 1 panel in the rear compartment , appears to have relays and fuse's for transmission. no other . Found another panel last night (number 5), but all fuse's were OK. One was marked as marker light, but still have not found any mark tail light. I do have a DOT marker light disruptor switch on the dash. Still wondering if the headlight sw. or now possibly the disruptor sw. is defective. Planning on calling Spartan today to see if they can direct me to the correct panel for the fuse's in question. Thanks again
  5. Yes all instrument /dash lights are working, Spartan mountian master chassis
  6. Having a 2000 Spartan Chassis, we had the same issues. Boots were dry rooted. Ended up having them replaced. It was covered under warranty, but in the event that our warranty wouldn't covered it, I would opted for a make shift boot as Brett mentions and "keeping them well greased". Heavy truck repair shop specializing in suspension work can handle that type of work. We're from upstate NY and use Eagle Diesel in Kingston for ours, cost was about 2700.00 (thank goodness for extended warranty) One thing good to know; let the shop know two things. The ball joints are not pressed in, they're screwed in (on 2000 anyway). and the 2nd; the ball joint manufacture has special wrenches for installation. They cost about $3000.00 to buy, or place a deposit on a set of loaners. There is a waiting list on the loaner tools, took about 10 weeks before they arrive at the repair facility. Hopes this helps.
  7. Good day, evening, or morning; as the case may be. We have a 2000 Damon Escaper 3970. Recently while changing a marker lens (cracked) I discovered that the marker lamps, tail lights and parking lights were not working. I been searching for the fuse panel that the fuse would be in. but so far the panels I've found, have no blown fuse's. .At the same time I have not found any fuse marked as tail/ parking/ marker .One panel location in the left rear compartment had engine related items, none for lights, AC, wipers or dash components. There are 3 other panels located on the firewall up front. One large and two smaller ones. similar to the one found in the rear compartment. .I removed all fuses and found all to be good. I did find fuse's for wipers, blower motor, lighter acc.,they were located in the larger panel. So my questions are: 1) Is there another location I can check for a panel? ( already seach under the dash, found some inline fuse's , but none for the affected circuits) 2) Is it possible that its a circuit breaker type and under a different listing? Or a relay? 3) Could it be the problem is in the headlight switch? Any insights help or suggestion will be welcome.
  8. Our Motostat freedom dish died. Looking at replacements, which brand-- stationary or in motion? Appreciate any comments.
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