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  1. We are planning a trip which will include some time in Canada and wondered how other folks have delt with the strict firearms regulations. The easiest solution is to just leave everything behind........which is easy if you are not planning on doing anything in the lower 48 during the same trip. But if you are a fulltimer or will be traveling all the way from Georgia before getting th B.C. or Alberta, and you normally carry for wildlife and personal defense (shotgun or pistol), what do you do with it (them) before crossing into Canada? I'd hate to give up having the protection while in the US just to visit Canada. I suppose you could rent a small storage locker near the border crossing but that would force you to reenter at the same point. How do the rest of you do it? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. George & Amy Petruff (and Tulip)
  2. If you are traveling in the US with defensive weapons (shotgun, revolver, mace etc) and want to cross into Canada for a few weeks, how do you safely and conveniently leave them behind? We want to honor Canada's rules but don't want to give up our US rights while at home. George and Amy Petruff
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