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  1. Thanks to all of you that submitted suggestions. After more looking in to the problem, I think the issue is in the needle valve assembly that controls the hydraulic fans. Monaco uses a valve assembly manufactured by Sauer Danfoss and patented by Monaco. As the temperature rises, the valve opens to allow more hydraulic fluid to flow and thus increases the speed of the fans and more cooling. I feel this is the valve/switch that the truck A/C technician was looking for. The RAV Group had no interest in trying to help diagnose the problem and has been very very unhelpful. They are the group that bought out the Monaco brand. A new hydraulic valve/switch from Monaco is approximately $1650.00. Based on the cost of the new valve and a new condenser, I have concluded it will be much less expensive to pay for the extra diesel to run the generator and roof air conditioners rather than try to repair the dash air. Thanks again to all of you that responded to my post. Jim
  2. I have a 2006 Monaco Dynasty with a dash air conditioning problem. The system quit cooling and I added Freon and it worked for about a day then quit cooling again. I took it into a very knowledgeable technician and he recharged the system and found the AC condenser was leaking. The condenser is mounted in front of the side mounted radiator in the rear. While recharging the system he noted the high pressure side was reaching 500 PSI and shutting off. He said that there needs to be some type of switch or something to make the hydraulic fans turn at a higher RPM to bring the condenser temperature down instead of an emergency type high pressure shut down of the compressor. He felt that the high pressure in the system most likely caused the condenser leak and that if a new condenser was installed it would most likely start leaking because of the extreme pressure in the system. He tried calling The RAV Group that apparently now owns the Monaco lines. They were of no help in trying to diagnose why the pressure was getting so high. If anyone has any ideas about what triggers the cooling of the side mounted AC condenser I would appreciate their comments. I do not want to replace the condenser until I can get the extreme pressures reduced which will require that the cooling fans are cooling the condenser to reduce the temperatures and thus the pressure in the system. Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks to all of you that sent posts. I checked with GTR Lighting but did not get much help. My 2006 Dynasty utilizes the 2004 -2009 Ford F150, F250, F350, F450 head light housing. One gentleman at GTR told me their LED replacement for the H13 bulbs did not work with these year Ford headlights because of a clearance problem and he recommended that I try Headlight Revolution. I checked with them and got their Supernova V.3 LED Headlights, H13 Bulbs and installed them. The Headlight Revolution LED bulbs were about half the cost of the GTR bulbs. The bulbs were easy to install, just plug and play, but I had a problem with the lights flickering. I called and spoke with one of their sales people who told me that I probably needed to install their Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) module. The modules connect between the original headlight connector and the LED bulb connector. Again, a very easy installation. They sent me the PWM modules at no charge and they solved the flickering problems The PWM modules list at $49.00 a pair, but they sent them to me for nothing!! I can't believe the difference the LED lights make. I had a hard time driving at night because of the poor original equipment head lights, but now have great lighting and don't mind driving at night! For those of you that do a lot of night driving I would certainly recommend checking out Headlight Revolution products. They work Great
  4. Thank you for the information DesertDeals69. I will be checking it out and looking forward to getting the LED's installed. Jim
  5. I have a 2006 Monaco Dynasty that uses 2005-2007 Ford F250-F550 truck headlights. I am wondering if anyone has switched over to the LED headlight bulbs and if so do you know which bulbs have to be changed? Are there both high and low beam bulbs or just one? Any recommendations for which brand or type bulbs to use? There seems to be many brands or types on the market. Thanks to all for their help,
  6. Try Northwest RV Supply in Oregon. They bought out all of Monaco's supply when Monaco went out of business. I have bought things from them not shown on their. Call and ask them if they have the part. I did note that one answer provided their web address, but I would call them. Jim
  7. Thanks Brett. The top of the yellow in the air minder is at approximately 17. Does not look like there is any restriction in the air filter. I was reading the article on engine tuners in the new Escapee magazine and it sounded good, but have reservations about using one. I had a 1990 Monaco Signature with a L- 10 Cummins and I had spoken with someone at Cummins and they also recommended not to use a tuner with it. Based on this latest article I was curious to see if technology had changed. I average around 7 mpg while towing and cruising at around 65 mph. Tach reads about 1725 RPM and I was looking for a little improvement JIM
  8. Has anyone had any experience with increasing performance with either an engine tuner or muffler on a Cummins ISL 400? It is in a 2006 Monaco Dynasty Platinum IV coach. I am looking at a TS PERFORMANCE POWER PLAY MP-8 Tuner and AERO EXHAUST muffler. Any comment would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  9. Does anyone have experience or comments regarding Michelin's XZA2 Energy tire Vs their X Coach XLV tire? I have a 2006 Monaco Dynasty with tag axle. Michelin says that the X Coach XLV can be used in all positions. Would appreciate any comments regarding ride,handling etc between the two tires. If you have either tire I would appreciate your input. Tire size is 29580R-22.5 Thanks, Monacoman06
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