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  2. OK LETS GET TO BASICs Start with disabling the 110 volts system disconnect device Start with the 12 volt system like the old days of no 110 volts. Chase the 12 volt system down and see what works. This would be normal operation. FUSES RELAYS CONNECTIONS The standard operating of all is control by 12 volts , than we add our toys equipment lights ETC You must deal with one system at a time. When you verify the 12 system complete And all is fine than and only than reinstall the 110 volt system and check its operation. Like me and Carl (manholt) think start at the basics. Tim the Mailman
  3. Salesman switch start at the battery then fuse panel than a 12 volt service Does the frig work when off shore power? Tim
  4. Michael Make a setup like at the campground at your home to your fuse panel with a 30 amp breaker for 1 2 0 volt wiring to the box. I used a 10-3 wire. One R V 30 amp female plug. This will make sure no 220 volt plug can not plug into it. Then to have enough wire for the hookup ,buy a 30 amp extension core with R V connectors on it available in 25 or 50 ft lengths. You , will find that you might need this at a campground . Tim the Mailman F405095
  6. txtiger This cable you had replace to the Traveler Is one you should have made up as a spare. I have about two of them. That is the cable that hocks up to the device with the 110 volt feed on it. By DESIGN of the arms of the Traveler they get pinch; the wire, because maybe a tie back breaks. It is so hard to live as a Handicap every one of us need a helper as I know. Tim the Mailman
  7. txtiger When you talk to Winegard or Directv was you at the location of your setup? Did they connect you to TECH support directv and did he check to see if the Sat directv was able to talk to it your receiver ? I believe you might of been in the wrong area. The plug I made reference to is the power to the Travler Dish, not the receiver . There is a device in there that has a 110 volt cable that plugs into this power source for the dish. This is the cable to check if unplug If you have the manual it is well explain. YOU need to contact TECH SUPPORT WINEGARD, and they are really nice people. Mine was attach to the cabinet . Like always i can talk better than write HUM. Tim the mailman Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a clear site to the sw sky from the dish???????????????? Trees building or something in line of site?
  8. txtiger Is the directv Travler a HD unit? ?skm-3? If so there is a problem with the feed 110v that hocks up to the power, the ac cord because it is just a push on connector . It vibrates off because of poor design. It will be hopefully behind the TV in the cabinet. I had to tape or whatever to make sure this plug can not come out. CHECK THE 110 VOLT FEED. This has happen to my system, this runs up to dish. Hope this thought helps. Tim the mailman
  9. Brett The second gas can would be STORED IN THE GARAGE FOR USE ONLY AT HOME. FOR THE USE OF RUNNING SEA FORM MIX THRU CARB TO CLEAN THE WHATEVER WOULD BE IN THE FLUE SYSTEM OF GENERATOR My thoughts of the valve and yes a fuel-safe ball valve should be used ! We don't suggest any use of a second tank on the motor home we already have a tank to carry gas. I never was a writer I do better talking. On the side of safety breaking into a gasoline line is not safe. BUT the thought of the MOD is to make it safe. Thanks for the words, and help in this topic. Tim the Mailman
  10. David, With all the problems with 10 percent Ethanol in the fuel of today, I have come up with a MOD. With the knowledge after visiting a plant that makes the product ethanol is going to 15 or 20 percent SOON in the coming years. I am going to put a 3 Way brass gasoline valve on the feed line before input for the generator fuel line. One common port to feed to generator in. One side to the main gas tank. The extra feed would be for a gas can one or two gallon for use of the sea foam mix, and a feed hose to valve. When finish running a cleaner from the extra port; plug the port and remove the hose. Turn 3 way valve to the main gas tank. The next time your ready just remove brass plug; change line , turn the extra port on. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO BREAK THE GAS LINE.. I believe it will be a MUST DO for this MOD. I share this with some people on this forum before I wrote this. One other thought weather tight the valve. Tim the Mailman
  11. Donald You have a time to run the generator to cycle it for 2 hours a month which is needed for maintenance . So you do something you should do and check your frig at the same time, on electric . This is a thought what do the temp gauge . say the temps are in b oth boxes. If it does not cycle there could be something wrong, BUT the reason for temp gauge's Usually the first problem check the burner if something is wrong, than the board. Of course how hot is it outside that is important to know Tim the mailman
  12. DBenoit I have a Onan 4KY OG 4000 in my 2014 Winnebago Class C Motor Home. In my case I had to replace the CARB. Many dollars for sure with Labor, its not cheap. Reason was I did not run it as required reference the manual, two hour 3/4 load per month. So u-tube SeaFoam and Onan Gen Set Is where I would start We see Bill found it. Ethanal in the gas is a problem. So here is my question ? Would it hurt to put SeaFoam in the gas tank for the Ford V-10 and the Gen Set Onan. It is fact that Onan does not like the the gas of today 10 percent Ethanal. Maybe every 3rd or 4th tank fill The tank with SeeForm will clean up the fuel system. ( One oz to 16 gallons.) SHOULD STATE ONE BOTTLE FOR 16 GALLONS OF FUEL. WHAT I PAYED FOR A CARB AND LABOR, AND ELECTRONIC BOARD I COULD BROUGHT 60 BOTTLES OF SEAFOAM. THE MAIN PROBLEM NO GENERATOR , NOT GOOD . FOR 7 DAYS. So much for a can of worms. Just some thoughts. Tim the mailman
  13. wakury There is a trick to help survive a situation of electric power. One Air running on 110 and the rest of the coach on propane. Good or bad advice I find it works. In my case 30 amp to 15 converter 110 volts will run one air conditioner . As stated you must use 30 amp wire number 10 in any cord. I do this at all the rally's we attend. If you need to run other heavy items kill air; do your use after finish, fire back up the air. Make sure to run a surge guard on the line to protect low voltage. What ever JUST A THOUGHT! Tim the Mailman
  14. Help is needed! Me and the wife is considering going west from Ohio to Ca. and Oregon via RT 80 . The problem is the weather and snow in the mountain , August, September, October. Because maybe we need to fly rather than drive. We are opened to all thoughts of those who maybe drove this northern route. You may send private messages via FMCA route. Our rig is a Class C Winnebago 32 ft 2014 with car in tow. Tim the Mailman
  15. T1herman WELL, you might find out she might be a better driver ! Kidding 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨, WE and my wife started in a mall parking lot on a Sunday. Than try a pull thou gas station. and open country road was next. The main thing is driving a motor home is just like driving a car, they are just a little bigger. My wife loves the interstate highway and yours will to. Very important to make sure to adjust the safety equipment . I would keep her away from them orange cones, my wife does not like concrete walls in construction areas. Good luck Tim the Mailman
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