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  1. I have the WFCO (WF-9855) 55 Amp Deck Mount Converter and replaced it with the same. It is a 3-stage charger which provides 13.2 VDC range “float” mode, 13.6 VDC range “absorption” mode, and a 14.4 VDC range “bulk” charge mode.I checked the voltage in both locations. I checked the voltage at the converter (13.23 - so looks like that is in float mode), I get 13.2 at the battery cable end. Individually the batteries are reading 13.18 and 13.19, which is consistent with the readings on the dash volt-meter. It may be working and I'm just a little over-sensitive at the moment, but I don't recall the number ever sitting that low.
  2. Forgive as this is long - but I wanted to give the details. We are having an issue with the batteries charging. I have a 2010 Fiesta 34B, purchased used last year, been working fine through the summer trips. Keep it attached to shore power with A/C in operation. Two weeks ago I noticed the A/C short cycling (about 30-60 seconds). Went inside to find dashboard radio flickering, all 12 volt lights were dim, etc. Immediately though the the converter/charger was not working. Opened the area behind the power center to access the converter. It was difficult to tell if it was functioning. I check the output with the multi-meter and the voltage was fluctuating all over the place. I checked the cost and ordered one to be delivered that Sunday. I immediately dug out the other chargers to see if I could bring the batteries back up. I left those chargers in place for the week and they appeared to recharge fully. I replaced the charger with the new one and hooked everything back up and removed the external chargers. I also checked every in-line fuse to make sure it was still good - no issues there. I left everything off for a few hours and checked the readout on the dash. They were at 13.68 and 13.56 about 4 hours later. I turned the refrigerator on and let it sit overnight. Yesterday afternoon the voltage was still hanging close to the 13.6, 13.5 range. This afternoon I checked the voltage and both are down to the 13.1 range. While I realize the resting voltage of a 12-volt is lower than this I don't recall it dropping off this much previously while being plugged in. Am I right in thinking something is still wrong? If so, any idea where to turn next? Is there some fuse I haven't though of? I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks
  3. Walt2137, I would be interested in and appreciate if you would share the information you received from Kia GA and Korea regarding the Soul. We just purchased a Soul base this past weekend. Thanks in advance.
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