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  1. I have a 2011 Cadillac SRX 3.0 L naturally aspirated. Any additional comments on these instructions toad towing??? Thanks much.I have a small screwdriver that I use just to make it easier to push the button. But yes, it's just a button - slightly recessed. I just keep the screwdriver in the door pocket. Any small pointy object will work.So, the steps exactly:1) Get everything hooked up, then start engine (if not running) and with foot firmly on brake, shift to neutral, pull shift boot up from the back by hooking fingers and pulling up. (There's not enough slack to pull it up when in park, and it won't shift out of drive without the motor running).2) Shift back to park, shut off engine.3) While pressing button (upper right corner under shift boot, pull shifter back to neutral.4) Double-check that you got neutral NOT DRIVE. You won't have a dash light to tell you, so visually double-check. You can tell as if it is in Drive it will move over to the manual shift notch, if in neutral it will not.5) Check again.GO!!!!To reverse the process, just shift it back into drive BEFORE you unhook everything. This resets everything.One other thing: If you use a seat-based brake system (Brake buddy, Patriot), be VERY aware not to trigger the automatic seat movement where it moves the seat based on opening the door or pressing the key fob. That really screws things up. You can either turn off the feature through the menu system of don't press the buttons on the key fob. One really handy thing: You can use the pedal positioning feature to adjust the brake system.OK, I lied - one other little note. To protect the battery, Cadillac shuts off all the 12V plugs 10 minutes after the ignition is shut off - EXCEPT the one back in the cargo bay. So I just ran a 12V extension cord from the back to the front, under the edges of the seats. Problem solved.
  2. Great, so now we can match the Kia Soul with the 2016 TREK 26HM motorhome. Cannot thank you all enough.
  3. Can you give advice on towing a KIA SOUL behind a motorhome four wheels down? Thanks.
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