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  1. Thanks rayin and wildebill for responding to my query......rayin will definitely use to info provided..many thanks. wildebill, we live on the Texas coast so probably a great contributor to the corrision issue....hindsight always better than foresight......should not have left the slides out for such a long period. Now have to deal with this issue...lol The issue still being access to the PS slide underneath which sits over the aquahot and the storage bay. something has given away/broke. when I push the slide botton I am causing hydralic fliud to flow from under the slide, which is in about 98%. What I am looking for is information on how to access under the slide while in this position. I am fully aware of the procdures when the slide is out...just needind advice on how to access when the slide is in...if possible..lol. Thanks again for your intertest.. JJZ
  2. I am looking for information on how to replace my slide out cylinders on the front DS/PS slides. This is for a 40' 2006 Beaver Monterrey/Pacificia. Recently as I was bringing in the PS slide all came to a halt....after investigation I determined the chrome rods on the cylinders are very rusty and..therefore probably tore out the seal on the cylinder. PS is almost in..DS still out' If anyone could pass on some advice..suggestions..thoughts on wherer I can obtain a service manual to see the procedure to access and replace these items it will be greatly appreciated. I have already contacted the Beaver people in Oregon no joy,LOL. Also I need some references where I can purchase the new cylinders,can't seem to find any info in the WWW. Many thanks to any and all who respond...... Stuck in South Texas in my driveway JJZ
  3. Again many thanks for the sage advice...….just to clarify this is not a water leak but an antifreeze leak coming from the inside of the unit as described above. I'm thinking it may be time to call in the pro's, not that many of you are not..lol….but a more experienced hand may be what is required in this instance. Thanks to all for responding.... JZ
  4. Have checked everywhere visible, front and back, no indication of a leak. The leak seems to be coming from a hole underneath the unit where a larger pipe is coming through. This pipe goes all the way to the resr of the coach, I going to assume has something to do with warming up the engine block in colder weather. Funny thing we have not been using the hotwater for a few days and the puddle under the coach seems to be drying up. Any thoughts? Where ever the leak is, at this moment in time I have no idea how to access it.....open to any suggestions....
  5. Howdy to all my fellow Beaver friends, Recently noticed a puddle under my hydrohot. Removed front cover, did not notice anything. Looking for some troubleshooting tips to try and chase the leak. Any advice or suggestions are more than welcome. 2006 Monterey......hydrohot is a..HHE 200-09E- 12VDC Thanks for any help... JZ
  6. Thank you to both of you gentlemen for responding: Wolfe 10: here are some pics with information about the icemaker . Herman your remedy may be the only option I have....lol. Hopefully I will be able to find a compatible unit to fit the space.
  7. Looking for some advice or suggestions pertaining to our icemaker. Recently narrowed the icemaker as the problem of the breaker tripping. If repair...would appreciate some leads for troubleshooting, I have searched the internet and have not found any info for this. If replace is the only option then I will try and track one down.....2006 40' Beaver Montrerey...Dometic frig Thanks for any assistance... JZ
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