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    Education of Americans to the awesomeness of our Constitution and the founding fathers. Waking up Americans to the realization of how that document has been shredded. Urging every liberty freedom loving American to pitch in and do the same.
  1. In November of 2014 we drove our "new to us" 1997 35' gas Winnebago Adventurer from Florida to Michigan in November and stayed in it for a month. It was one of the coldest Novembers on record and was below freezing most of the time. It got down to 11 degrees one night. We ran the furnace the whole time and had to get it filled every 5 days. Other than a short weekend trip prior, this was our first trip in a motorhome! The furnace quit working week two and we had to take it in to get it fixed. It was something minor since it cost only $140 and they finished it in a couple of hours. RV General over by Detroit took us in the same day we called as an emergency repair since we were living in it. The only other problem we had was finding a way to get water into the tanks because up there, no place leaves the water on because of freezing. I ended up hand filling a few times with a bucket and funnel and we used the shower and restroom inside my daughters house as much as possible. On the way home at a Flying J one night the carbon monoxide alarm went off at about 2 am. After an hour or so we decided there were no fumes. Since we were wide awake, we ended up getting up and back on the road until we found a super Walmart that was open in Ohio. There we purchased a new one. There were no fumes, it was a malfunctioning alarm! I guess ignorance was bliss for us, but this year when I mentioned going up for Thanksgiving in our "new to us" 2015 Fleetwood 40' Expedition, my husband said no. A month of Michigan in November was not something he wanted to repeat. Turned out they had temps WAY above freezing this year!
  2. (Campingworld blew the engine before I bought it) The only experience we have had with Campingword was horrible beyond words. We took our 2007 Honda CRV to Tampa (Dover) Florida Campingworld to have a Blue Ox base plate and surge brake cable installed. Should have been a piece of cake for them. We took it there was because NSA (the surge brake manufacturer) listed Campingworld as a distributor. I figured if they sell it, they should know how to install it. NEVER would we do business with them again. The installed it incorrectly the first try and charged us $400 to $600 more than the estimate. On top of that, they still have not responded to a tow bill that we took over there after the CRV overheated the next day. They left the cooling fans unplugged and the car overheated. They are rude, unresponsive and have about the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
  3. Thank you wigginsjsr. Getting ready to order base plate on Amazon.
  4. My husband and I recently bought a used Winnebago Class A and now a 2007 Honda CRV. I was able to find a used Ready Brute/Brake tow bar that has connectors for a Blue Ox base plate. No luck finding a used base plate of any brand and am looking at new ones. Before starting this quest, we knew NOTHING about towing and are still sadly lacking. Any recommendations on the brand of base plate? Once the base plate is purchased, what other equipment will we need prior to doing a search for someone to install it all? THANKS!
  5. We bought a 1997 Winnebago Adventurer in August of 2014. It had just over 22,000 miles on it. I noticed a small leak from the heater core before we ever took it on a trip, but since we bought it "as is" Lazy Days sure was not going to make it right. We took it to our mechanic, who said he tried all over to find a replacement and the only place to get the part was from Winnebago. It cost us just under 1,100 for that fix. Once we brought it back home, as it sat in the driveway, I discovered it was leaking fluid from a new area directly under the radiator this time. Mechanic came over and recommended putting some sort of leak stop product. He put that in and I replaced another gallon of antifreeze. Then we took it on a 100 mile round trip test. As we backed into the driveway fluid came gushing out from bottom of radiator again. Took it back to the mechanic who said it was a hose behind the radiator. Another $100. (All of the other visible hoses all appeared new.) Hopefully, the next trip will reveal those problems resolved. It was not like we got any kind of an extra special price on this MH, and I expected there to be a few minor problems, but am getting discouraged. So far, these problems have surface and been fixed, Norcold that needed a new upper non-replaceable control board (It took me a month of research, but I found a place to repair the board rather than spend $2000 on a new fridge), Furnace that had to be pulled for service, absent windshield washer fluid container installed, leaks all over the place from places on the roof unknown. The leaks are really puzzling and I will search for the thread to ask about that. Threads were quite helpful in figuring out the Norcold problem.
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