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  1. I played Tuesday and hope to play this coming Monday weather permitting. There are several empty spots here, I talked to the office today about the possibility of staying in May depending on what is happening. Roland
  2. Carl, in talking to a few of my friends who are still in practice they are not doing any surgery except emergency surgery. Very rare for cataracts to be deemed emergency. Hopefully we will be emerging from COVID 19 by the end of May but it all depends on when people wake up and follow directions. Better to wait a little time then have a problem. Roland
  3. Carl, sometimes if you store the med in refrigerator and use cold it stings less. Everything will go fine.
  4. Puff we were down by Corpus Christi since January 1, before COVID 19 broke out. We will stay here until safe to go home. Carl are you having cataract surgery? Good luck, normally a very safe uncomplicated procedure. Roland
  5. We arrived yesterday from Aransas Pass Southern Oaks RV Park. Park is nicer than last year but only 50% full. Have a tee time for Tuesday . Castroville is still fairly open, but restaurants are carry out only. Bakery and the meat market are open. We will be here for the next month and then see how things are going in Michigan to head home.
  6. We have been in Aransas Pass near Corpus Christi since January 1, only problem here is low inventory in grocery stores. We will be moving to Castroville the 27th of march and intend to return home to Michigan early May. We don’t have a set schedule so a few days one way or the other doesn’t matter. Toilet paper and meat have been the biggest problem as the hoarders have gone into action. Roland
  7. That is what retirement is all about, work when you want and make merry when ever possible!
  8. It’s a beautiful 70˚ in Aransas Pass and going to 75˚ later this afternoon. Getting ready for our neighborhood daily happy hour.
  9. We are here thru March, then plan to go to Castroville for a few weeks.
  10. Southern Oaks luxury RV park on 35 Bypass by Aransas Pass.
  11. We are at Aransas Pass. After working with Progressive claims people they ask me to wait until we returned to Michigan, so I will take coach to Indiana when we return home. There are of course several shops there that only deal with MH. Mike’s Custom Painting is one that I have heard good reports about. If you know of others let me know. Roland
  12. I am happy to report that the costal bend area (Fulton, Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi) has really come back from hurricane Harvey. The improvements from last year are amazing! Great area for us winter Texans, good food, great people and plenty to do. Building continues at a good pace.
  13. As a retired Optometrist I can tell you that I would much rather have cataract surgery in USA. While this is typically a moderate to low risk surgery things can go wrong including loss of vision due to surgical mistakes. Medicare covers 80% of the cost and if you have supplemental insurance you will probably pay nothing for standard surgery.
  14. Thanks all for input, didn’t get time to look at forum until later today. We will be in Aransas Pass tomorrow and hopefully insurance will contact me Thursday . I will call James then. Thank you again for the help. I have done some checking and it might be a possibility to rent a trailer and put it on my site for the duration of the repair. Will hopefully know more Thursday. Roland
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