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  1. I didn’t have any luck today so I contacted Freightliner and tech thinks it is the VDC vehicle control center or something called enunciator? He did tell me that if parking brakes release there is air and I can drive to service center. I am going to make appointment with them and have all checked out. The tech is sending me a pdf of chassis wiring.
  2. If my adventure tomorrow doesn’t pan out that is my next action.
  3. Thanks Carl, any help I can get is very appreciated. Roland
  4. Carl, in another post I outlined my problem. When I turn on ignition the coach starts and all of the idiot lights stay lit. There is no buzz from the low air alarm, the transmission pad is lit. The fuel gauge, air gauges, temp gauge, oil pressure gauge and battery charge gauge do not show anything. My scan gauge works and the generator starts. Tomorrow I plan to test the solenoid as Brett suggested. Any other ideas are welcome. Roland
  5. Thanks Herman and Rich, can’t go today so I will go tomorrow..
  6. The engine and generator start fine, no low air buzzer and all lights - start eng, low air, wait to start etc. stay on. No dash gauges but scan gauge works.
  7. Rich, thanks for the help. Does this fuse/relay pull out like other fuses? How will it show good/bad? I’m not an electrical genius 😀. I will try tomorrow. thanks again. Roland
  8. No noise, not even buzzer from low air. Scan gauge worked, no turn signal. All engine lights stayed on but gauges didn’t work.
  9. I went out today to run engine and generator since last used April 3. Started fine but the dash gauges and monitor ( idiot ) lights stayed lit and would not go out. I looked at fuses and didn’t see anything wrong, did not do this before. Cruise didn’t work either when I tried to increase idle speed, what am I missing?
  10. You may have your gain set too high. You can adjust it on the unit or remote monitor. I normally keep mine at 5.
  11. rfsod48

    To All

    Carl, it was the merchandising gods! Happy Easter to all.
  12. Don’t have MH with me, I think I might get a new pump with higher ratings and keep the current one as a standby.
  13. I checked it and it is 3.0 gpm and 55psi.
  14. You are correct Carl, pump is only 1 year old and it has never been near as good as 45psi water system.
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