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  1. I need to renew my roadside assistance plan, I currently have FMCA. What are you using, which do you consider best? thanks in advance, Roland
  2. Wayne come on down, weather has been good and food is great! We are at Aransas Pass thru march. Roland
  3. The KOA near Anderson is a nice park with friendly staff. Roland
  4. I just put my second set of FS561 tires on my coach. $3200 out the door. I have been very happy with these tires, good ride and less noise. Roland
  5. We have 28 degrees and wind today, spitting a little snow. The end of the week we are supposed to get up to the mid 40’s, that is when we plan to get out of here. Has there been any news about the vaccine and when it will be available in Texas? I wonder if winter Texans will be able to get it? Roland
  6. Thank you Wayne and Bill. If you do come down Pm me for my cell number and we can see about meeting up. Roland
  7. He lost his kidneys at age 19 to an autoimmune disease, this was his second transplant. The first one lasted 10 years and the second one lasted 5 years. He is back on dialysis for now and will go on the transplant list again. Matt was with us in Indiana. Roland
  8. Thank you Herman, it is much appreciated. Roland
  9. We will be heading down to Aransas Pass the end of next week. We were suppose to be there the beginning of December but our youngest son’s kidney transplant failed and we needed to wait until he got settled in with dialysis. We plan to be there thru March and then Castroville for April. Roland
  10. rfsod48


    Great news! Rest and follow instructions and you will have a speedy recovery! Roland
  11. I don’t think Covid 19 will go away anytime soon. We have less than 3% of our population who have acquired the disease, in order to get community (herd) immunity we need 60-70% of population with antibodies. Until we have a viable vaccine which the population will accept and use many more people will be infected. Fortunately we have learned much about the disease in a short time and the recovery rate is good and death rate is low. This disease is serious, it is now number 3 on the list of cause of death so we can’t ignore it but we can’t let It destroy our economy and country. I am glad to hear that Texas is still open with safety measures in place. Bill we will be staying at Southern Oaks Luxury RV park thru march and then we are going to Castroville to Alsatian RV park for April.
  12. How is Covid 19 in the Corpus Christi area? We will be down for the winter December 1. When we left this past spring the count was very low. are restaurants open? Roland
  13. rfsod48


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  14. Carl, that is prehistoric dirt right! 😀 Is Texas starting to open up again, we will be down in November to Corpus till April and then to Castroville for a month at Alsatian. Roland
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