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  1. Carl, that is prehistoric dirt right! 😀 Is Texas starting to open up again, we will be down in November to Corpus till April and then to Castroville for a month at Alsatian. Roland
  2. You might find the paint codes on a closet wall, in my Bounder they are on the bedroom closet wall.
  3. Carl, Try Colaw RV, I was able to get the doors that I damaged on my MH from them. They are friendly and good to deal with. Roland
  4. Be sure that the ground wire contact is good.
  5. rfsod48

    Bottoms out.

    Tiffin offers it on their gassers.
  6. Coming homer to Michigan this past May we used Texas toll road, I do not have a pass. How long does it usually take for Texas to bill you? Roland
  7. rfsod48


    Glad to see that the forum is back! Hope everyone has been well and no COVID 19 problems.
  8. Carl, hope everything went well with surgery.
  9. Mike, please list some of your favorite Texas wines. Next winter when we are down in Texas at Alsatian RV Resort we would like to try some. Roland
  10. Way to go Carl! Hope you both have many happy years. Roland
  11. I had a similar problem and found it to be caused by a small wire connected to battery, the covering had worn thru and it caused a short.
  12. We had dinner last night at Cora’s 471 Grill just north of Castroville. I had chicken fried steak and wife had liver and onions. They removed over half the tables to spread everyone out and closed their great salad bar to help eliminate contact. Good meal and we felt very safe, you could tell the owner and staff were glad to be back and working hard to keep everyone safe.
  13. Carl are you going to stay at Mountain High RV park while in Alto? The whole area there looks great.
  14. 70 yesterday, 60 and rain today. Golf course is open. I would say even UP is snow free by now. Safe for you to go Bill!!!!! Roland
  15. Alsatian will open golf course this coming Friday . Hopefully with other courses open it will not be crowded. We will be here until 5/11 and then we head north to Michigan.
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