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  1. rfsod48

    To All

    Carl, it was the merchandising gods! Happy Easter to all.
  2. Don’t have MH with me, I think I might get a new pump with higher ratings and keep the current one as a standby.
  3. I checked it and it is 3.0 gpm and 55psi.
  4. You are correct Carl, pump is only 1 year old and it has never been near as good as 45psi water system.
  5. Majestic Oaks at Rockport and Southern Oak Luxury RV park at Aransas Pass are both very nice parks. One thing to consider if you park near the Gulf is the need to frequently rinse your vehicles due to the sea fog which deposits salt on them. This was relayed to me by several residents of Pioneer RV park near Port Aransas.
  6. We have always used the Mountian View RV park in Vanhorn. It is a wide open park with great views.
  7. We are near Georgetown Ky. tonight, horse country. Worth a 2-3 night stay to see the surrounding country side including the Burbon Trail. We are at Wispering Hills RV park, seems like a good place. Tomorrow we head to Brookville Ohio to see the mother in law for 2 days and then home to Michigan.
  8. Joe, do you mean going to higher gpm? Any idea of how high would be safe?
  9. Is there a way to increase the water pressure when using the water pump? I have a Surflo 3.5 gpm pump which works fine but has less pressure than when I use city water. Have checked all fittings and everything seems ok.
  10. The Ford Museum is a very interesting place, could fill up at least 2 days. Let me know if you do and we will see if we can meetup.
  11. Sorry Joe but it is named for the creek that runs thru property. No real campstore but the campground has a 200+ acre pasture right next to it which has cattle, horses and a mule that come right up to the fence for a scratch. My little Jack Russel loves to watch them, she sits in the front window guarding the MH.
  12. Thank you Carl! Bill we are going to go 30 to 40 thru Memphis and Nashville, 65 north to Louisville then 71 to Cincinnati. Then 75 to Brookville Ohio to see my wife’s 95 year old mother and then 75 to 23 to home in Fenton Michigan. We plan to be home between the 4-6 of April. This has been our best extended trip, not going the extra 1000 miles to Arizona really made a difference. I whole heartedly can recommend Stella Mare in Galveston, Majestic Oaks and Southern Oaks near Aransas Pass and Rockport, Texas Trails in Pharr and Alsatian RV resort in Castroville.
  13. We started our journey home to Michigan today. Passed thru the megapolis of Marble Falls, Burnet and Stephenville on our way to Coffee Creek RV park for the night. Tomorrow it is Shady Pines near Texarkana. We had a wonderful winter this year, it is with sad hearts we leave Texas. Depending on how things go with my wife’s health I hope we get the chance to return next year.
  14. Do most of you use the fresh water tank to supply the coach or do you use city water. We never drink from city water or fresh water tank but use bottled water from store.
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