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  1. rfsod48

    Labor Day

    Carl, sounds good! We are having steak, asparagus and potato salad along with wine.😊
  2. rfsod48

    Knee Replacement

    Carl, short term use of opioids is not dangerous and for most patients after joint replacement it is necessary. I have had both of my knees and both of my hips replaced as well as lumbar and cervical fusion. As a doctor I can tell you that short term usage was necessary. The most important thing is doing physical therapy and giving the therapy a full effort. That will determine your mobility afterwards. Good luck and best wishes to Betty, after the first few days it will get better. Roland
  3. rfsod48

    External Radiator Cleaning

    Brett, I don’t know how they did the job. All I know is that the coach runs cooler now. I do not have it at home to see if they put a hole in the fan shroud.
  4. rfsod48

    External Radiator Cleaning

    When I had my coach serviced this past spring Freightliner of Kalamazoo cleaned my radiator and CAC with steam cleaner. They said that this is how they clean all MH radiators they service. So far seems to have done the job, no over heating.
  5. We have towed our 2017 GC over 9000 miles with out incident, I do go slow in turns and take pains to avoid chuck holes when turning. I had a 2015 Cherokee Limited which I did have the modification on and we never had any problems with it either. As my friend and golf partner says “ I would rather be lucky than good any day “. Hopefully FCA will come forth with a fix and eliminate the problem. Roland
  6. rfsod48

    Rt 5 in Alabama

    Seeking info about rt 5 in Alabama from Tannehill State Park to Mobile. Ok for travel with a 39’MH towing?
  7. rfsod48

    Yuma AZ Winter

    Don’t go telling Carl he is smart, he will get a big head. Sorry Carl, couldn’t help myself! Roland
  8. rfsod48

    A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    What type of shop works on this system? I have a 2005 FL XC chassis and dash air works poorly.
  9. rfsod48

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Bill, what are you doing in my part of the world? I have to agree that Ohio has much better roads than Michigan. Have a safe trip. Roland
  10. rfsod48

    Dumb mistake

    Used rust dissolver and then hooked up my son’s truck and jerked it out.
  11. rfsod48

    FMCA Cincinnati camp

    Is the FMCA camping site open in the winter and are hookups working then? Interested in the end of December.
  12. rfsod48

    Dumb mistake

    I was stupid and left my tow bar attached to MH for 2 years and now it has rusted in hitch sleeve and I am unable to remove it. Have use penetrating spray and hand sledge, moved 1/4”. Any other suggestions?
  13. rfsod48

    6V Battery Recommendation

    I think with proper care a good battery will last 4-5 years. I use battery cutoff switches for both house and engine when not in use and make sure that inverter is turned off when not in use. This eliminates excess drain on batteries.
  14. rfsod48

    6V Battery Recommendation

    Lifeline AMG batteries. I am in my second year with mine and they have worked flawlessly. Expensive but worth it.
  15. rfsod48

    Westward winter migration

    Started making site reservations for westward migration tonight. Leaving Michigan on 12/26.