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  1. Thanks all. I ordered a charger that has 4 banks which will allow me to charge all batteries at once. It also has a maintainer function.
  2. We are unable to travel this year due to my health and where we have the coach stored there is no electricity.
  3. I need to purchase a trickle charger for my coach batteries. It has 2 no maintenance starter batteries and 2 AGM coach batteries, all are 12 v. What would be the proper size, I would switch to each battery on a regular schedule. Thanks, Roland
  4. Thanks all, I was concerned about not starting the engine since I have to remove the batteries because there is no electricity where I store the MotorHome.
  5. Unfortunately we may not be able to go south for the winter, if I remove the batteries and put antifreeze in the pipes is there anything else I need to do to prepare for a Michigan winter? Can the engine go all winter without being run? Roland
  6. My son and I got into the problem today, the frig cabinet has come lose from the wall. We are going to see if there is some way to add more bracing or tie that cabinet into the next one.
  7. Thanks guys for answering! We will stay at Aransas Pass and just be happy in that area. We usually go to Castroville near San Antonio for a month but this time we will skip that. We will take the usual precautions.
  8. Is this another censorship move by the governing body? Civil discussion wether political or nonpolitical should be allowed. Have we all turned into the “correct” wimps?
  9. To all my Texas friends, we are returning to Corpus Christi this December for the winter and I was wondering about the safety of the area this year. In past years we have not had concerns but with the high influx of undocumented and illegal border crossings this year will we have trouble? Has covid increased in that area? Is the government placing these undocumented persons in this area? Thanks for any heads up you give! This is not meant to be a political comment, just a question about safety. Roland
  10. The slide is tight on the outside when closed , only the frig cabinet tilts in when the slide is closed and goes back to normal when slide is out.
  11. The screws aren’t loose that hold the frig in the cabinet, the whole cabinet leans in 1” at the top when slide closed and goes back to correct position when slide is open.
  12. Thanks guys, I will check it out tomorrow.
  13. This am when we brought in the passenger side slide out which has the refrigerator at one end the top of frig leaned in about 1”. Slide functioned fine and when I opened it again I could push top of frig back but it wouldn’t stay there. I can’t see any obstruction with slide or under frig. Help needed! Roland
  14. Thanks for replies. Wilderness mattress produces one in the size we need that doesn’t sound bad, I am going to check sleep innovations out to see what they have.it is hard to go by descriptions only better to get opinions from users.
  15. We need to replace our mattress and would appreciate any recommendations . thanks, Roland
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