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  1. Planning RGV this winter looking for good RV parks ?
  2. I only need a converter I am charging two 12 volt in parallel Optima deep cycle batteries.
  3. I have a Progressive Dynamics modelPD9155A 55amp original equip.
  4. I have a bad 55 amp converter on a 2001 Bounder. What is the best replacement?
  5. Anyone using Optima AGM deep cycle batteries ?
  6. American dolly, I was told to tie down steering wheel to stop front tires from turning. It does not work. I have push button starting and shifting no key.
  7. The upper deck is unlocked and turns to the stops but on 90 deg turns it is not enough so the wheels turn on the car and break the tie downs.
  8. My 2013 Lincoln MKZ front wheels turn with steering wheel tied down. I have broken 3 tie straps on dolly when I make a 90 deg turn . Anyone know of a fix for this problem ? MKZ is 2.0 liter cannot toad on ground. Jim Gallaway Owasso,Ok jegall@att.net 918-284-6071
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