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  1. How do you like the ride on your Continental tires.?
  2. Thank you every one for your input.
  3. My coach is a 2007 Holiday Rambler Vacationer Diesel 34ft on a Roadmaster chassis. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with HANKOOK RV tires TH22, AH37 or HANKOOK REGIONAL, I never used anything other than MICHELIN XZE, had a bad experience with the GOOD YEAR's that came with my coach when I purchased it new in 2007 I had to replaced them with MICHELIN XZE after only 4 years, they were caping badly. My set of MICHELINS have performed flawlessly and I need new tires on my coach now because of age not wear, they are beginning to show cracking on the sidewalls. The tire size is 255/70 R22.5. I am only planing on keeping my coach for another two years and I don't want to spend the price that they are charging for a new set of MICHELIN XZE. Can anyone share with me their experience with any of these three types of HANKOOK TIRES and maybe make me a recommendation. Thank you. Rod Beeche
  4. Thank you all for all your inputs. **** I did what you recommended I stopped the step during its cycle OUT and than I stopped it manually during its cycle IN. That most reset the module because now is working great, I tried it about 10 times IN and OUT , it works great. Problem Solved. Thank you all so much for your input. Rod
  5. I will try that tomorrow morning. I know it stops on the way out when I block it with my foot I haven't tried stopping it on the way in.
  6. It is a 2006 Roadmaster Chassis, I purchased the coach new.
  7. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I believe the limit switch most be in the Control Module because that is the electronics I can see.
  8. All parts are well lubricated and they are al straight and there is no binding. I removed the steps and the steps supporting pieces, I also removed the motor and run it without a load it seems to work fine, it goes through the cycles when I open and close the door. I installed again and ran it with no steps and it runs good on the way OUT but on the way IN it jumps 4/5 times before completing the cycle and stoping, like it wants to keep going IN but it has already reach the gear stopper. I am beginning to think the the Control Module is sending the wrong massage to the motor.
  9. My coach is a 2006 Holiday Rambler Vacationer Diesel with a front entry. Recently the electric step started to act strangely. When I close the door the step goes in all the way and it starts to jump 4 or 5 time like it is jumping a tooth on the gear the it settles IN when I open the door it come OUT fine, the problem is only when it goes in. The motor and the control module are about 3 years old. The step gets a little of a beating because it lays low and sometimes it drags if I go over a dip or I enter a steep driveway. Any advices on what to do before I start replacing parts, I will probably replace the motor first. I would appreciate any advice. Rod
  10. I don't have the paper work, the step was made by COACH STEP INC. I understand they no longer exist. I use silicone spray in all the moving bushings and bolts at least once a month. Thank you.
  11. I use silicone spray in all the moving bushings and bolts at least once a month. Thank you.
  12. My coach is 2006 Holiday Rambler Vacationer Diesel I purchased it new. My question is: My automatic electric step started acting up about a week ago. When I closed the door it will only retract half way and I will give it a little push and it will go in all the way. Today I open the door and it came out as it is suppose to but now it will not retract at all when I close the door, I also notice that the light under the step is not ON like it always does when the step is out. Do I need to replace the motor and the step controller (Brain Box) together or should I replace just one of them at a time and see if it works. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  13. I am going to update my Directv system in my house with Genie Receivers. What I now have now are the regular HD Receivers and when I take them on the road I have to manually switch them the type of antenna I am using, wish is a TrackVision Dome and they work fine, no HD of course because the antenna dish is not HD. It is just a time consuming to make this changes and sometimes can get frustrating. My questions is. Can the Genie receivers work with the type of antenna I have on my coach? The salesperson tells me this new updated receivers automatically can adjust themselves to the type of antenna you are using on your coach and he says it will work, of course he wants to make a sale and will say anything I want to hear. Thank you for your inputs.
  14. Yes it hasn't been done. Thank you again.
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